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Core training is an extremely effective and popular training for both competitive and recreational athletes. In our shop you will find a large selection of effective core trainers in high quality and at a reasonable price. Discover the right fitness equipment (from well-known brands, e.g. Pedalo) and train your muscles particularly well with Core exercises.

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    Pedalo® Trapeze Bar Rotation
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    pedalo® Core-Trainer
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    Core Trainer
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What is core training?

The core training is a form of training to improve body stability (abdomen, pelvis and back) and coordination. Through core training, the muscles in the central part of the body are specifically addressed and trained. Core training is not only good for building muscle, but also avoiding back pain and to improve mobility (eg shoulders). Typical core training exercises include squats, planks, push-ups or lunges. Core training can also be seen as a complete whole body training also addressing the muscles in the arms and in the back or on the spine. For many exercises with a core trainer, your own weight or strength of the body is used and the core training exercises are often performed on the floor with several repetitions.

What do I need for core training?

For core training, training devices from the other fitness areas are used on the one hand, and special core trainers, on the other. Examples of training equipment from other fitness areas are barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls and sandbags.

All training devices in core training support you in performing the exercises and make your workout even more effective.

Buying great core trainers

Core trainers in our shop have the following advantages:

  • Extremely robust and durable
  • Resilient
  • Different strengths/ levels available
  • High quality
  • High security
  • Well-known brands, e.g. Pedalo
  • Good grip
  • Light weight