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Netball is a team sport and is only played by women or girls in competition in Germany. Netball is similar to basketball, Korfball and handball. In our range you will find everything players need for a netball game. For example, we offer high-quality netball baskets or robust netball balls with great playing properties. Discover the right Netball equipment in our shop and order the right product easily online.

Buy netball basket, netball ball, and all basketball accessories in our shop

What is netball?

Netball is a ball sport or a team sport in which two teams with 5 players each (small field basketball). In the basketball game on the large field there are 7 players per team. Netball is characterized by simple rules and little equipment (netball baskets and netball ball). The aim of the game is to throw a basket ball into the opposing basket as often as possible (each hit gives a point) and to prevent hits in your own basket. Conversely, of course, the opponent also tries to prevent every basket throw. In addition, the netball ball is bounced. This goal, as well as the rules of netball, are strongly oriented towards the sports basketball (e.g. bouncing the game ball), netball, netball and handball. In Germany, basketball is only played by women or girls in competition. The basketball game is organized by the gymnastics association or the sport of basketball belongs to the German gymnastics association. There are German championships for women and a Bundesliga for women. There are also championships in the youth field (with one champion every year) and good support with the aim that these players will eventually play in the Bundesliga. The players are divided into age groups or the division into a division of the players is based on the age (in years) of the player in each season. There is a season with basketball in the hall (indoor basketball) and a season with basketball in the open (basketball or field round). The generic term basketball is often used synonymously with indoor basketball because this variant is much more popular. As a special feature and at the same time as a difference to the other sports, there is a basketball keeper in basketball, this player is the only one allowed to enter the basket circle or basket room around her own basket and thus this player can do the basketball in the immediate vicinity of the basket ball or in the basket room Catch balls. In addition, body contact is largely prohibited by the rules of the game, which is why basketball is considered a disembodied game. The playing field in the basketball has a size or the dimensions of 30 meters x 15 meters in the hall. When playing basketball on the field or in the outdoor area, the playing field has a size or dimensions of 50 meters x 25 meters. The playing time in two halves is twice 10 to 20 minutes with time-outs (seconds).

What does a netball ball look like?

The game ball in the netball, the netball ball, has a circumference of 56 cm to 60 cm and a weight of 400 to 500 g. With these characteristics, the netball ball roughly corresponds to a handball of size 3 (men). However, the circumference of the netball ball is much smaller than the opening of the netball basket. Due to this size or this ratio of the netball ball to the netball basket, it is relatively easy to throw into the netball basket (high probability of being hit in the netball basket), which can make it more difficult to defend the netkeeper. The netball ball in our shop is very robust and high quality. A netball ball usually consists of high quality leather (chrome core leather) and 32 sewn fields.

What does a netball basket look like?

A netball system consists of a netball basket, a netball stand and an netball net. The basketball stand is available in a height-adjustable version (the height can be adjusted or the height can be adapted to the players) and a swiveling or rotating version. The official size of a basket is 55 cm. The basketball stand must be very stable and mostly consists of galvanized steel. The basketball stand also has a base. The netball net usually consists of a white net and is made of the material polyethylene with a thickness of 3 mm and a 6 meter long connecting thread or cord. The basketball basket is available individually, as well as a set with basketball net and basketball stand in our shop.

Discover our large selection of products for netball equipment, such as high-quality netball baskets or netball balls with optimal playing characteristics. Discover the right basketball basket or basketball ball for every age group (years) and order it easily for the next training session or the next tournament for your players in the club in our shop. With our basketball equipment not only every basket throw against an opponent succeeds, but every match day and all training times will be very fun.

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