Bowling, Kegelspiel, Pins und Bowling-Set - Einfach mal alles abräumen. Bowling bei Kübler Sport - mit uns räumen Sie alle Neune ab!


Bowling - Bowling pins and bowling-sets

Bowling by Kübler Sport - with us, you will definitely have a strike! The leisure sports version of the traditional team sport nine-pins bowling has been invented in the USA. With our various products for bowling, you can have a lot of fun with good friends and the family. Show your accuracy and precision when playing the funny leisure sport version of bowling together with your friends. You just have to hit the pins with your bowling ball and if you are a really good player and if you are a little lucky you will hit all the pins with only one shot - strike! And if you do not succeed at the first time and some of the pins do not fall, just try to hit all of the pins with your second chance. With the original bowling set made of plastic you will have a lot of fun and while practising you will become a real bowling champ. Of course the bowling ball is included in the set. And with the coloured bowling sets and the bowling game made of foam, even the youngest will have a lot of fun with the funny game with the pins.

Bowling and nine-pin bowling - and what is the difference?

Bowling is a well-known sport which had been first mentioned in the end of the 19th century. Bowling is quite similar to the traditional nine-pins bowling. For the game with the bowling ball and the pins you need to be skilled and of course you need instinct and some luck. The special bowling ball is a little bit different from the bowling ball used for nine-pins bowling. The bowling ball for the leisure sports bowling is equipped with a drilling to be able to handle the ball easily. You throw the ball onto a group of 10 pins. In contrast, there are only 9 pins you have to hit when you do nine-pins bowling, hence the name. Bowling and nine-pins bowling are mostly played in bowling centres and special bowling alleys. Kübler Sport also offers a complete bowling set. With the set you can enjoy the fun of the bowling game outside in the grass, in your garden or even in the park.

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