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Sixcup - new game trend - new generation of sports

What is sixcup? - There is a new game trend in the world of sports games. It is a totally new game, a new sports trend and offers a lot of fun and action. The fun sport combines rapidity, skills and a lot of luck as well. The player only needs sports shoes and a sports dress. Sixcup is the new game and leisure trend for children and teenagers. At schools, the leisure game will offer a lot of fun in schools sports lessons, combining sports and the improvement of social and organisational skills. Sixcup is also a suitable game for events, parties, for sports clubs or hotels.

Sixcup - funny game trend

Sixcup can easily be played in groups. The game is also adequate for schools classes, as in the gym you will find the necessary space for the game. The coloured cubes and goals bring a lot of fun. The game is very easy and the rules for the game are also very simple: the players or participants of the game have to run from the start to the middle of the sports field and try to put the special foam cubes into the cups. After every goal, the team that has hit the goal has to pass the cube backwards and the game starts again. The aim of the game is to hit as many goals as possible within a certain period of time. Just try the funny, new game trend!

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