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Spare Parts

Spare parts: adequate spare parts and accessories for any sports equipment and every sports ground

Find spare parts and accessories for every kind of sports equipment and for your individual sports equipment in the Kübler Sport online shop. You can find everything you need in our spare parts shop: Spare plugs for Pezzi® or Redondo balls and basketball blackboards - you will find everything to keep your sports equipment in good shape. So please don’t worry if you lose a plug of your Pezzi® ball, Kübler Sport will replace it immediately and straightforward. And if the plug will not get off the ball, we also provide the adequate valve lifter. Thus, you can easily open and refill the ball to have fun in your fitness training and exercising. To give your very best in your Step or Dance fitness class, you should regularly check the rubber pegs of your step board and exchange them if necessary. The rubber pegs by Reebok can be mounted easily and let you have a safe step fitness class every time. We also offer the necessary spare parts and adequate accessories for your team sport training. You will find a spare goal net for your soccer goal in our online shop, as well as the sucker grip to easily lift the bottom plates in your gym. And to always keep your volleyball net strained, please find the quick-release clamp in our online shop as well.

Accessories and small parts - Find your missig spare parts quickly in the Kübler Sport online shop

Searching for spare parts and accessories can sometimes be very hard and even upsetting: either you don't find any adequate spare part or all offered spare parts do not match the one you search for. In our online shop you will find the adequate and matching accessories for every product in our product range. Just exchange your worn out parts e.g. soccer goal nets or renew your table tennis table. With a new web bed, your trampoline will lift you high again, and the corresponding springs, corner cords and attachment hooks for your Mini-Tramp can be found online as well. We also provide replacement hurdle boards and take-off boards for your sports ground outdoors. The necessary equipment for your slackline is also available in our online store. Please have a close look at our category spare parts and find the tree protection set TREEWARE by Gibbon, which helps you to spin up your slackline easily in outdoor areas. The adequate rattle protection for your slackline is also included in our product range. Since from time to time the screws get loose, please find the suitable small parts at Kübler Sport as well. We can replace safety screws, ground plates and stainless steel hooks or even pegs sets. The spare parts and all further accessories in our online shop are classified by their sports discipline to make you able to easily find the adequate spare parts or accessories parts for your sport or training.

  • Spare plug
  • Valve lifter
  • Soccer goal net
  • Aluminium net
  • Web bed for Mini-Tramp
  • Steel spring length
  • Sucker grip
  • Bottom plate
  • Slackline rattle protection
  • Slackline tree protectioin set

If you struggle with finding your suitable accessory or spare part in spite of our very comprehensive product range, please do not hesitate contacting us by mail or just give us a short call. We are at your disposal at any time and help you to find the perfect accessories to complete your sports equipment and to guarantee an optimal training.