Gymnastics - high quality gymnastic device to be used either for training or for official competition purposes


High quality gymnastics equipment for children gymnastics and artistic gymnastics

Gymnastic mats, soft landing mats or vaulting boxes, trampolines and gymnastic benches - Kübler Sport offers a comprehensive range of products to satisfy all needs of athletes and sports clubs. We offer high quality gymnastics equipment to be used either for training or for official competition purposes. Since the official founding of Kübler Sport, gymnastic benches, vaulting boxes, wall bars and other old-fashioned wooden gymnastic apparatus compose a main part of our product range. We are also experts for other classic gymnastic apparatus such as parallel bars, horizontal bar systems, asymmetric bars or rollable floors or exercise mats. You can also order your floor exercise mats and areas or the air track as an assembly set at favourable prices. In our online shop you will find special gymnastic equipment suitable for children gymnastics and also the classics to execute the Olympic contest in artistic gymnastics for example pommel horses, vaulting tables, balance beams and parallel bars.

The vaulting buck is also a classic everybody will definitely remember when recalling school times. Of course, you will either need a gymnastic mat or even a soft landing mat for every gymnastic apparatus. We are your professional partner for all kind of mats. If you want to jump high, have a close look at the category “trampolines” in our online shop. You will find all kinds of trampolines there: large trampolines and small ones, trampolines used for competitions or mini tramps. Another apparatus to jump high with is the springboard. At Kübler Sport you will find all kinds of springboards - from springboards specially made for children gymnastics to springboards for professional athletes. We also offer the Modell Reuther and the model Wiemers.

Vaulting tables made by Spieth® and Bänfer®

In our online shop you will find the well-known Spieth vaulting table Ergojet and the Ergojet Club, as well as the Bänfer vaulting table. For a safe and soft jump we highly recommend the modern and joint-friendly boosterboard or, as we call it, the trampoline-springboard. We also would be pleased to submit you a favourable offer for an individual activity course. The air track has slowly become indispensable equipment for every sports club, just as the soft landing mat and the gymnastic mat. By the way, we also offer gymnastic light-mats and landing mats, besides the classics.

In the following you will see a short summary of our main products belonging to the category gymnastics:

  • Gymnastic mats
  • Soft landing mats
  • Landing mats
  • Gymnastic light-mats
  • Airtrack
  • Wall bars
  • Parallel bars
  • Springboards
  • Balance beams
  • Vaulting tables
  • Vaulting buck
  • Gymnastic benches
  • Vaullting box
  • Trampoline
  • Rope skipping
  • Ropes
  • Gymnastic balls
  • Ballet holders
  • Mirrors