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Karate & Taekwondo

Karate and taekwondo by Kübler Sport - Mats and much more

Karate and taekwondo are famous martial arts disciplines. Karate means "empty hand". This is exactly how a karate fight is done: with the hands. The characteristics of this Japanese martial arts discipline are various hitting techniques and pushing movements. Furthermore, an excellent physical constitution is very important in karate and the main focus in karate training is on improving it. This is why normal karate training consists of training of celerity, flexibility and stamina. A special form of karate is the Shotokan Karate. The special criterion of the Shotokan is the low and solid stand. In taekwondo, celerity and reaction skills are very important. Taekwondo, the Korean martial arts discipline, once developed from karate. In taekwondo you do not fight with the hands only, you are also allowed to use your feet to fight. The expression taekwondo consists of the words "tae" ("foot"), "kwon" ("fist") and "do", which is translated "way" or "lesson". These Korean Martial Arts consist of a lot of different disciplines. Since the focus in taekwondo is on the kicks and hits, a stable and solid stand is essential. Mats by Kübler Sport offer the ideal training surface for your martial arts routine. We offer space-saving, rollable practice mats as well as single martial arts mats with an easy stick-together system. All mats are washable and thus very hygienic. Find the suitable mats for your karate or taekwondo training in different colours, sizes and versions in our online shop. We also have the ideal transportation trolley for your mats as well.

Of course you will also find the necessary equipment for your body protection for taekwondo and karate in our online shop. In our category body protection you will find for example abdominal guards, chest protection or foot protection and it is very important to wear a head guard and a mouth guard while fighting. Kübler Sport offers all the necessary equipment for your martial arts training centre, your boxing club or your karate or taekwondo training in sports clubs or fitness centres.

Karate suits, karate belts - with Kübler Sport you will look perfectly on the mat

Karate suits resemble to the traditional judo suits. The Karate suit, the so called Karate-Gi consists of white cotton trousers and a white jacket. The Obi, this is the name for the karate belt, keeps the trousers and the jacket together. In taekwondo, the traditional taekwondo suit is called Dobok and the taekwondo belt is called Ty. In our online shop you will find a broad range of karate suits, taekwondo suits and the corresponding martial arts belts, for example karate belts and taekwondo belts. You will find whatever you need in our online shop for your martial arts. We offer high-quality karate suits by Kaiten® for beginners or advanced athletes and the matching belts in all colours. Not only the adequate clothing is necessary for the training, but also small training accessories are necessary for professional martial arts training. At Kübler Sport, you will find accessories such as punch pads, heavy bags or boxing dummies, as well as break boards by KWON. With the help of the stretching machine you can improve your flexibility. For official fights and competitions we also offer the adequate equipment: with scoreboards for karate and taekwondo you will never lose a point during the fight.

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In our Kübler Sport online shop you can find favourable, high-quality karate and taekwondo equipment: body protection, score boards, belts and suits and a lot more.