With the first aid kit for sport, sports hall & school you are well equipped. Here you will find everything related to first aid in sports clubs and schools. Order easily onine!

First Aid

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In this category you will find all the necessary materials for first aid and first aid in sports, clubs and schools. Whether first aid kit according to DIN, bandages, compresses or cooling gel - with the first aid equipment from Kübler Sport you are ideally equipped for school sports, training, competitions or a long break.

  1. Ice Power® Cooling Spray
    Ice Power® Cooling Spray
    Immediately available
  2. Ice Power® Magnesium-Creme
    Ice Power® Magnesium-Creme
    Immediately available
  3. Refill pack kindergarden
    Refill pack kindergarden
    Soon available again
  4. MoVeS® Hot/Cold Pack
    MoVeS® Hot/Cold Pack
    Immediately available
  5. Kübler Sport® Sport Tape
    Kübler Sport® Sport Tape
    Immediately available
  6. cosiMed® Horse Balm Cooling
    cosiMed® Horse Balm Cooling
    Immediately available
  7. Instant Cold Compress
    Instant Cold Compress
    Immediately available
  8. IGLOO Ice Box Playmate
    IGLOO Ice Box Playmate
    Immediately available
  9. Ice Power Cold Gel, 150 ml
    Ice Power Cold Gel, 150 ml
    Immediately available
  10. First Aid Case SPORT
    First Aid Case SPORT
    Immediately available
  11. Leukotape classic
    Leukotape classic
    Immediately available
  12. Defibrillator Lifeline AED
    Defibrillator Lifeline AED
    Immediately available
  13. Ice Power Plus MSM, 100 ml
    Ice Power Plus MSM, 100 ml
    Immediately available
  14. First Aid Case MT-CD
    First Aid Case MT-CD
    Only 2 left in stock
  15. First Aid Shoulder Bag
    First Aid Shoulder Bag
    Only 3 left in stock
  16. Cooling Sport-Gel 250 ml
    Cooling Sport-Gel 250 ml
    Only 1 left in stock
  17. Elastus® fixbinde elastic fixation bandage
    Elastus® fixbinde elastic fixation bandage
    Discontinued item: Only 2 left in stock
  18. Elastus® color bandage 10x bandages with clips
    Elastus® color bandage 10x bandages with clips
    Discontinued item: Only 3 left in stock

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First aid equipment

Be prepared for all eventualities

Being able to provide first aid is vital. In particular, teachers, trainers and trainers should be able to act correctly in an emergency and be familiar with the essential first aid measures. But first aid is also important in small things: abrasions, sprained ankles, lacerations or big bumps happened quickly, especially in sports, on the playground or in the daycare. It is also important to be able to act correctly. The right equipment in the first aid room makes a decisive contribution to this.


Who needs first aid equipment?

Which facilities and buildings need first aid equipment is specified by law. Kindergartens, schools and universities generally have to have a suitable room or suitable beds for first aid, companies are only obliged to have a separate first aid room from a certain size (depending on the risk of accident on site). Schools must keep at least one first-aid kit in a central and easily accessible location. In addition, additional first-aid kits must be kept in places with a higher risk (gymnasium, kitchen, workshop, scientific rooms, etc.).


Sports halls and clubs also always need first aid equipment. Not only in daily training, but also at competitions or events, first aid equipment such as a "Sport" first aid kit must be available. For sporting events and larger events, it is also sensible to order a medical service. However, since these do not have all the powers, you should always bring your own material, especially for external events.


What should be in the first aid kit?

Which components a first aid kit or first aid kit must have is specified in the DIN standards DIN 13157 (small suitcase for up to 50 people) and DIN 13169 (large suitcase for up to 300 people). Both cases must contain the same materials, but in different quantities. The compulsory content includes various dressing packs and bandages, a bandage, plasters, tape and a rescue blanket, as well as rubber gloves and bandage scissors. In addition, there are various special first aid cases that meet the special needs of, for example, clubs or day care centers.

The dressing material of a first aid box has a limited shelf life, whether in a sports club, school or company. After this time it is no longer guaranteed that the materials are really still sterile and the materials must be replaced. Used material should be replenished promptly so that everything can be prepared again. You will find suitable refill sets for this in our range.


First aid equipment for sports

For most injuries common in sports, it is important to act according to the PECH rule: PECH stands for break, ice (cooling), compression (support bandages) and high elevation. In addition to the mandatory dressing materials, a first aid kit for sports, the sports hall or sports club should therefore also contain some other materials to take into account the various sports injuries. Utensils for cooling (cold compresses, cooling gel etc.) and material for support bandages such as tapes, instant compresses or bandages are particularly important. In addition, it makes sense to have a mobile stretcher and a fixed bed in a separate room, especially in sports facilities. A blood pressure monitor, clinical thermometer or pillows and blankets are also a useful addition. A defibrillator in an easily accessible location should also not be missing in any medical room in a sports hall.


First aid equipment for school and kindergarten

When dealing with children, adults have a special responsibility when it comes to first aid measures. Children should be comforted, calmed and distracted in the event of an injury so as not to panic. For schools and daycare centers, there are special first-aid kits with bandages in child-friendly sizes and dimensions for the most common accidents among children. In addition, schools and kindergartens should of course also have equipment to cool injuries and support associations. Tweezers and tick tongs to remove splinters or ticks and disinfectant material should not be missing in the first aid room. Just like in the sports hall, a couch, pillows and blankets as well as a clinical thermometer should not be missing in the medical room. A defibrillator for children is also useful.


Buy first aid equipment

In our range you will find all common materials and equipment for first aid measures in schools and clubs. With our various first aid kits, they are for everyone