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Ball Accessories

Ball pumps and further accessories - it is all about the ball at Kübler Sport

Ball pumps and further ball accessories are almost as necessary as the ball itself. A poorly inflated ball is not very nice to play with and it is more than annoying to have lost the spare plug of a ball. In our online shop in the category accessories, you get all the necessary equipment for your ball sports and team sport. Find different ball pumps and also ball nets or ball bags for an easy transport your balls. For transporting the balls from the gym to the sports ground the ball nets and ball bags are helpful little devices. With the Kübler Sport ball bag for example you can transport up to 12 soccer balls at once. In gyms the balls are often stored in ball trollies and ball shelves. You can easily transport the balls in the ball shelves and trollies from one place to another since the trollies and shelves have rolls. Everywhere where ball games are played, you need ball accessories as well. In our category accessories in our online shop you can find everything you need. Besides a broad choice of ball pumps you can also find different hand pumps. If you need to inflate many balls or you have to do it regularly, an electric ball compressor is very helpful. For ball storage please find ball shelves and ball trollies in our online shop.

Ball accessories and intelligent ball storage systems for gyms sports clubs and fitness centres

You are looking for the perfect storage solution for your balls? Kübler Sport has rollable and also fixed ball shelves. Ball trollies and transporting systems for the medicine balls can also be found in our online shop in different versions and sizes. Find the adequate ball accessories by Kübler Sport. For special projects and solutions for your equipment and the storage of the equipment and for any further questions regarding ball accessories and ball storage we are pleased to help you. Please send us an e-mail or give us a short call.

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Ball accessories - not only for the gym, also for day-care centres and for the storage in sports centres, for every purpose the adequate stuff. In our online shop you find a broad range of ball accessories for example ball cases, ball bags, ball trollies, nets, ball pumps and many more accessories - for every purpose the adequate accessory.