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In this category you will find everything related to sport, fun and exercise in the water. Kübler Sport offers you a large selection of water sports accessories for leisure, school and swimming sports, but you will also find a variety of water toys or training accessories for aqua fitness and swimming fun for children.

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Water sports accessories

Movement in the water is not only varied and healthy, but also particularly gentle on the joints. Regardless of whether it is about aqua fitness, water polo and swimming, or the focus is on swimming fun: sport and exercise in the water have a positive impact on people. Whether swimming training, swimming aids, water toys or water polo, equipment for aqua fitness or swimming pool equipment, at Kübler Sport you will find the right water sports accessories for the cool water.

Aquafitness: Water sports needs for fitness trends in the water

Aquafitness is a wide area, the variety of disciplines and offers is constantly growing. Whether you choose classics like aqua aerobics and aqua jogging or fitness trends like aquacycling, aqua step and aquaboxing, you will find the right equipment and aids for every water workout in our range. In addition to popular water sports items such as swimming noodles and aqua jogging belts, you will also find water-compatible aerobic steps, spinning bikes and trampolines.

Water sports accessories even for the youngest

So that babies and children can also enjoy the time on and in the water, you will not only find a variety of swimming aids under our water sports articles, but also swimming goggles, diving masks, fins and swimming caps. With the swimming aids you can choose between the classic swimming wings and "growing" swimming disks or swimming belts, but you will also find swimming cushions and swimming collars in our range. In addition, life jackets and swim seats for the little ones are part of our offer. For the little ones you will also find swimming diapers with us. For older children we offer both classic swim fins and the popular mermaid fins. Swimming goggles and diving masks for the right view under water complete this category.

Games and accessories for even more bathing fun

Regardless of whether it's an outdoor pool, indoor pool, sea or bathing lake, water offers space for countless games and fun. You will also find the right equipment for this with us: our range includes a wide range of water-compatible balls, diving toys, floating rafts and other water toys. Whether water hammocks, swimming carpets, ball games or diving rings and diving tires - bathing fun is guaranteed.

Water sports accessories for swimming training

Ambitious swimmers and recreational athletes will also find what they are looking for in our range. Under our water sports accessories you will also find everything you need for swimming training in swimming, swimming lessons or school. Swimming instructors and swimming course instructors can find swimming boards and swimming learning aids, as well as all around the different swimming badges. Recreational and sports swimmers can choose from a wide range of training equipment and training aids such as paddles, pullbuoys, fins and pulling resistors to make training effective and varied. Swimming goggles and bathing shoes are also a must.

Equipment and accessories for well-equipped swimming pools

Swimming pools consist of more than just a swimming pool: starting blocks, diving boards and floating lines can be found in every swimming pool and ensure, for example, that the training area of the swimming club is separated from the recreational athletes or that they can practice the start jump or water jump. Rescue equipment such as a rescue pole or lifeline can not be missing in any swimming pool. In addition, you will also find a wide variety of storage aids for water sports items such as swimming aids or aqua fitness accessories in our range to store them neatly and space-saving. Equipment such as wet room floor coverings, loungers, watches or hangers complete your swimming pool.

Water sport needs for water polo

For exciting and action-packed water polo games, you will also find everything you need in our range. You will find various, in some cases FINA-approved water polo balls, as well as free-floating water polo goals that can be anchored at the pool edge. High quality water polo caps in different colors complete your water sports equipment for water polo.

Accessories for underwater rugby

Underwater rugby combines the properties of ball sports and diving. Since the matches are held under the water surface, the players not only need diving masks, but are also equipped with swimming caps, flippers and snorkels. In our range you will also find the underwater rugby game ball filled with saline and the matching underwater rugby goal.