Gesellschaftsspiele kennen keine Altersbegrenzung. Spieleklassiker wie "Mensch ärger dich nicht" oder "Stadt, Land, Fluss" sind stets beliebt bei Jung und Alt!

Parlor Games

Board games - improve your social skills

Board games do not have any age-restrictions. Classic board games such as ludo are always very popular among young and older players! Playing together is full of fun and joy. You can either play at home with your family, with good friends or at school with some school mates and even in the kindergarten, board games improve social skills. Another big point is that you have to deal with rules and regulations. Almost every board game has its own rules and regulations which have to be observed to guarantee a proper game. Children and teenagers thus have the possibility to learn how to deal with rules in a very easy and funny way. Even losing a game and the feeling when having lost the match can be seen as social skill improvements. Playful education is an attractive way to learn and above all it brings a lot of fun.

Chess and other board games

Chess is one of the most popular board games ever, except ludo. Additionally, the chess game is one of the most famous and well-known games in the world. Chess is a very tactical and strategic game. It is played with chess pawns on a chess board. 2 chess players face each other and try to “checkmate” the opponents’ king. You are checkmated, when you cannot move your king on the chess board without being beaten by an opponents’ pawn. The different chess pawns are coloured in black and white and are put together on a board made of wood. For playing outdoor chess you can find chess boards for outdoor use in our range of products. To complete the chess board and to start the game you put up a clock next to the board to stop the time for every play. In our online shop you can find everything you need for a game of chess. And if you get bored from playing chess, just have a look in our online shop and find further board games or leisure games.

  • Chess pawns
  • Chess board
  • Rollable chess plan
  • Chess clock
  • Game casket
  • Chess computer

Just take your chess game outside and have a match in the garden or in the park. With the help of our chess plan chess turns into a real outdoor fun. Find further leisure games for indoors and outdoors in our online shop in the section giant outdoor games.