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Soccer is a very popular team sport and an often-played sport in Germany. Most children, teenagers and adults want to play soccer in tournaments, in their free time or professionally. However, you must have an optimal soccer equipment for situation in this teamsport, because good soccer equipment is very important to avoid injuries. In our shop you will find a large selection of different products from well-known brands, such as Erima, for perfect soccer equipment. With us every soccer player, every team and every club will find the right soccer equipment at affordable prices! 

Clothing, such as soccer shoes, studs, socks, pants or jerseys, but also sports bags are not available in this category.

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Large selection of high-quality soccer equipment

Soccer – the popular teamsport

Soccer is a very popular team sport in Germany and this sport is very popular with children and adolescents. For a successful soccer game or for this team sport you need the right soccer equipment, as well as a good team spirit or team spirit. Soccer connects and for this reason soccer is an integral part of many social and integration projects. Whether in training in a club or in competition or at a soccer tournament, a soccer player must always be equipped with good and suitable soccer equipment. In our shop you will find a large selection of products for soccer and also get the best soccer equipment for children.


What does soccer equipment consist of?

For every soccer game and soccer training in the club you need a matching soccer ball in your soccer equipment. For this you will find various game balls or soccers for training and competition (according to official regulations) in our range. Regardless of whether you play on the soccer field or professionally on a soccer field, a suitable soccer goal with goal net must not be missing from your soccer equipment. With us you get a large selection of different training goals, such as mini goals, as well as special goals for the competition (in official dimensions). Special training accessories, such as marking aids (marking colors, marking discs) are also very helpful for training.


Buying soccer equipment at Kübler Sport

At Kübler Sport you will find all the products you need for optimal soccer equipment. However, there is no soccer clothing in our range, such as jerseys, trousers in different colors, shin guards or socks or soccer shoes or cleats. You will also not find any clothing for the goalkeeper, such as goalkeeper gloves. Articles for referees or coaches, such as pipes, can be bought in our shop. Below is a small overview of the products you can buy for your soccer equipment. Many of the products are also very useful for children's soccer equipment:

  • Different goals with different frames for a perfect training accessory
  • Transport trolleys & castors for gates
  • Marking car for marking a playing field
  • Flags & border poles for delimiting a playing field
  • Different soccer goal nets for optimal ball catching
  • Torwand
  • Net hooks & accessories for gate security
  • Indoor soccer gangs to delimit a playing field

Discover our wide range of soccer equipment, training accessories and soccer equipment for children now. With these products, you and your team are optimally equipped for the next training session, competition or soccer game in your free time. Convince yourself of the high quality, the low prices and the large selection in our shop.