Dart, Softdart, Dartpfeile und Dartautomat -  das bekannte Wurfspiel mit den spitzen Pfeilen und der Zielscheibe sorgt stets für Spaß und Spannung


Darts, soft darts, darts and dartboards

Darts - the popular and well-known game with the sharp darts and the target provides a lot of fun and fascination. The sport has been founded in the United Kingdom. The action and skill game seems to be easy, but indeed you need a lot of practice. For darts, the player needs to be very concentrated and focused. The player is equipped with 3 darts and tries to hit the dartboard. The aim of the game is to reduce the points very fast. If you reach zero points, you are the winner of the game. With a lot of practice and after many shots you will be a real darts champion. Please find all necessary equipment for your darts game in our online shop. We offer equipment for the leisure version and also for serious sports and competitions. You will also find darts for soft darts in our online shop.

Darts and all the different types and versions of the game

Darts can be played in many different versions. The typical, traditional way of playing is the dart 301 or 501. In this game, you have to reduce your points to zero as fast as possible and you finally finish the game with a double out. The double describes the outer ring of the dart board. Next to the double, there is the triple ring. If you hit one of these rings, your points will doubled or tripled. In the middle of the board there are two rings called the bull or the bull´s eye. If your darts end up in the bull's eye you will get 25 or 50 points for one shot. The traditional darts is played with steel darts. Other darts are equipped with plastic and are thrown onto an electronic dartboard.

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