Balls for all kind of sports: trainingballs, match balls, competition balls for soccer, handball, volleyball, basketball and a lot more


Balls in different sizes, materials and colours appropriate for team sports and racket sports - suitable for schools, sports clubs and competition purposes

A ball is the main object of every team sport. Big or small balls, made of leather or foam, in every way a ball has an encouraging character and is the centre of every ball game. We have a wide range of sport balls and training balls in different sizes: Soccer balls, handballs, basketballs, volleyballs, competition balls and training balls, balls for use at school and at sports clubs and a lot of balls for leisure games; you will find the perfect ball for every sport. Furthermore we carry the appropriate ball accessories on stock: ball trollies, ball bags, ball pumps and a whole lot more ideas for storage purposes of balls.

Softballs, training balls, balls for competition and the adequate storage equipment

The foam balls provided by Kübler Sport are suitable especially for younger children and for playing with the ball inside. Due to their soft material the risk of injury is very low when playing with balls made of foam. Our special Ele-balls also provide a lot of fun when playing with them and especially younger children will dare the adventure of playing ball games due to the soft and flexible texture of the balls. The ProSoft balls and further balls made by Trial are highly suitable for little games during school breaks in the school yard. They have a special water-resistant texture and the covering of the balls is made of rising foam. The soft and flexible balls are ideal to do the first steps in volleyball, soccer, basketball and handball. Of course we also carry a wide range of training balls and exercise balls for soccer training, official soccer balls and for basketball, volleyball and handball. You will definitely find your ideal ball in our comprehensive range of products. If you are looking not only for big balls, we also have small ones: table tennis balls and tennis balls are also available in our stock.

In our online shop you will find everything you wish regarding balls and accessories. You can either get favourable balls in our online shop or look for new trends regarding balls or get new ideas for your proximate training:

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Please find soccer balls, indoor volleyballs, basketballs, handballs, foam balls and a wide range of various balls for training purposes, leisure or competition purposes. You can also find the suitable ball accessories to store the balls space-saving, as well as other equipment.