Sports lockers for gyms: High-quality school lockers or equipment lockers online. Discover our wide range of equipment cabinets and benefit from more than 30 years of experience!


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Order is essential, whether in the sports hall, the equipment room or the changing room. At Kübler Sport you will therefore find a large selection of different lockers and sports equipment cabinets for sports halls: Whether equipment cabinets, locker cabinets with or without bench seats and school lockers, we offer you the perfect selection of cabinets for sports halls, schools or gyms.
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How do lockers differ?

In the first place, it depends on the use or the user. Our sports equipment lockers, for example, are perfectly designed for storing sports equipment, i.e. the compartment size and shelves of the equipment locker can be selected in a modular manner so that there is space for gymnastics tires as well as basketballs (ball cabinet) or ropes. Our wardrobes are of course designed for changing rooms, i.e. for storing valuables, clothes or personal belongings. The double wardrobes are also ideal for lockers in schools or sports halls. Depending on requirements or space requirements, two, three, four or even five doors of the compartment Lockers can be stored one above the other for each cabinet compartment. In addition, our wardrobes are also available with an upstream bench, ideal for sports halls, gyms or similar facilities. As a further option, Kübler Sport also offers lockers and lockers specially designed for schools or kindergartens. These children's lockers are size-reduced wardrobes that are adapted to the needs of the children.


What distinguishes all of our lockers?

Our lockers are characterized by high quality, with a body made of robust sheet steel. The doors are also made of sheet steel, optionally with perforated sheet metal doors or solid sheet metal doors. Exceptions are the MDF decorative doors (cloakroom cupboard) and the acrylic glass doors (equipment cupboard). In general, there is always the option to choose from a wide variety of colour combinations. Both the body colour and the door colour can be selected differently. Depending on the colour, additional charges are to be expected here. In addition to the standard locking or locking options (depending on the type of cabinet), there are always other higher-value additional options. In addition to our listed lockers, there are a variety of other options. You are welcome to contact us with your desired locker. Our Kübler Sport Service & Sales Team will be happy to advise you on this.


Lockers for equipment in sports halls, gymnastics rooms and schools

A device locker is traditionally found in the equipment room of sports halls. Sports equipment lockers are ideal as storage for sports equipment such as balls, hats, marking shirts, tires, clubs, skipping ropes and to store many other small equipment and accessories that are needed for the sports lessons. The small devices such as Clubs can be stored neatly in the equipment locker with the help of a built-in shelf. Special cable and cable holders can also be installed in the metal equipment locker. Additional dividers, a shelf and a floor pan create space for storing various small devices, balls and sports equipment and ensure order in your equipment locker.

No matter what you want to store, you will find the right equipment locker at Kübler Sport. In our range you will find sports equipment lockers with solid sheet metal or perforated sheet metal doors as well as with double doors or sliding doors. The Sport equipment lockers are available from us in various designs and in different designs. From the classic sports equipment locker, which is equipped with a tire holder, club holder and floor pan, to the ball cabinet, a special equipment locker for balls with up to 5 shelves, nothing is left to be desired in terms of equipment room equipment at Kübler Sport.

By the way, you can lock all our equipment lockers with a cylinder lock. The sports equipment is not only neat and space-saving, but also tidy and protected from unauthorized access. In our online shop you will find exactly the equipment locker that best fits in your equipment room. Not only equipment and design of the equipment locker can be selected individually, we also offer various models in terms of size. You can get our BASIC sports equipment locker made of sturdy sheet steel, for example, in the dimensions: 195 x 120 x 50 cm with solid sheet metal hinged doors. Our XL version TYPE III equipment locker with 195 x 190 x 60 cm and solid sheet sliding doors offers considerably more storage space. For professional equipment in your equipment room with the appropriate equipment lockers, please contact our customer advisors. We're here to help. 

Lockers for changing rooms in schools and sports halls

Cloakrooms or lockers should not be missing in any locker room. A lockable locker not only creates order in the locker room, it also allows valuables to be stowed away safely. Depending on the size, jacket, shoes and clothing can be stored neatly and neatly on sliding hooks or hangers in the locker room. The sports bag usually also finds its place on the bottom of the cabinet. Each compartment of the cabinet is equipped with a cylinder lock and can be locked separately. This means that every athlete can conveniently store everything they do not need to play sports in the locker room in the locker room.

In the extensive cabinet range from Kübler Sport you will find wardrobe Lockers in various designs. The BASIC cloakroom locker is equipped with a clothes rail, hat shelf and 3 sliding hooks. The locker cabinet BASIC is 185 cm high and 50 cm deep. With our BASIC double wardrobe, the individual compartments are smaller and arranged one above the other. In our online shop you will also find a locker room with an upstream bench. The bench can be used as a comfortable seat for moving or as an additional practical storage.

In addition to complete locker cabinet modules, you can also find useful additional equipment in our online shop, such as retrofit locks for locker Lockers or cabinet numbering systems. Changing tables and free-standing coat stands are of course also part of our range. In addition to the changing room equipment, you will also find lockers for schools or kindergartens. The lockers can be used as a locker in the school, for example. This way, every student has the opportunity to store materials such as a pad, a paint box, books, and notebooks in their locker at school. Whether lockers and lockers, cloakrooms or lockers, you will find what you are looking for in our online shop. The large selection is rounded off by a multitude of door colours.

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Sports equipment and many other things can be conveniently and safely stowed away in the Kübler Sport lockers, cloakroom lockers and equipment lockers.