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At Kübler Sport you will find a large selection of school lockers for primary schools, schools and day care centers. Buy high-quality school lockers with different structures as a replacement for the conventional wardrobe. With our robust school cupboards with a great color concept, not only the clothes are tidy, but also books or folders are neatly stowed in the large storage space. Discover the standard under the school lockers or an individual cupboard adapted to your requirements.

Buy high quality & robust school lockers

Why does a school need school lockers?

In schools as well as kindergartens, there is a lot of material, such as teaching material or clothing, that are used in everyday life and quickly cause disorder. During the school day, the children's clothing can be stowed neatly on the clothes rail or on the hooks in the school lockers or in the cloakroom, which also contributes to fire protection. Because an open wardrobe in the hallway, on which jackets or gym bags hang, poses an enormous fire hazard due to the flammable materials. In addition, the pupils or children can use materials such as Booklets or books, neatly stowed on the shelf in the school lockers and thus leave the materials in the storage space in the locker in the school or primary school. This means you don't have to take everything home with you every day. As a result, school lockers or a locker relieve the physical strain on students.


What school lockers are there?

The different school lockers differ due to their structure and equipment. We have school lockers with two to four compartments with shelves, in different heights, made of different materials (metal or steel cupboard), in different colors (according to RAL). A school locker has to meet different requirements, which means that there are lockers with or without feet, with different large doors, with or without a base or with a differentiated color concept (according to RAL). A closet or a locker with two large, elongated compartments is particularly useful in indoor swimming pools, since you have to store and hang up a lot of clothing on the clothes rails when changing clothes. The lockers with four compartments or four door lockers have smaller compartments with shelves, which makes them particularly suitable for schools or in front of or in classrooms. Because books or folders can be optimally stowed on the shelf or shelves. In addition, the school lockers in our online shop can be easily secured with a padlock or a cylinder lock (with or without a key).


Buy school lockers

All lockers are specially tailored to the stresses and demands of everyday life in schools, daycare centers, kindergartens or universities and are characterized by durability, stability and durability. All edges of the school lockers are rounded, which minimizes the risk of injury to the pupils. The ventilation holes on the scratch-resistant walls of the lockers ensure optimal air circulation (comparable to that on a cloakroom). Discover our versatile school lockers now and order conveniently online! If you are looking for conventional locker cabinets, changing rooms or changing rooms, you will also find them under our sports lockers.

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