Billardtisch, Billardqueue und Poolqueue - Billard - Der Spieleklassiker für das Vereins- und Jugendheim


Billiards - The classic leisure game for every club house or youth centre

Billiards is one of the most famous leisure games at all. The word billiards deduces from the French "bille", which can be translated to ball, bullet or marble. The table game is not only very funny; it is also organized as serious sport. Billiards belongs to the classic sports and leisure games such as darts. Both games can be found in almost every pub and cafe as well as in club houses and youth clubs. In every youth hostel, you will definitely find a billiard table at some place. For billiards, you only need a pair of billiard cues and then you can start off the game. Our billiard tables by Kübler Sport are suitable for leisure use at home or in youth clubs, but they are also highly suitable for serious sports in billiard clubs. The history of billiards is long and today, billiards fascinates a lot of people of different ages. There are many different versions of billiards, all in all 35 different billiard games are known at the moment, as for example pool billiards, played with a pool cue, snooker and bowling-billiards. The game itself seems to be very easy at first sight, but if you try to play it, you will soon know that it is not as easy as it may seem. Equipped with a billiard cue, the player has to put all the coloured balls into the holes of the billiard table with the help of the white ball.

Billiards - rules, infringements and the uncompromising will to win

For a billiard game you need two players or two teams. The billiard player is equipped with his billiard cue and the necessary accessories. To prepare the billiard cue for the game, professional players use billiard chalk. The chalk offers a little more control when pushing the ball. While or after the game, the cue can be stored safely in a wall mounting system. There are two different types of balls on every billiard table: first, all coloured balls are arranged in a triangle on the table. One of the two players starts the game and pushes the white ball into the group of coloured balls. All balls have to be put into the holes on the sides of the table.

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