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Positioning aids or posture pillows are used in physiotherapy and rehabilitation (rehab). They help to elevate certain parts of the body or to hold them in a certain position (e.g. lying on the side). The aim here is a pressure-relieving position so that the corresponding part of the body can relax.

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Positioning aids as an effective therapeutic aid

Areas of application of positioning aids

In addition to the sport therapeutic application, positioning aids are also used in the care of the sick, the disabled and the elderly as a practical requirement. Above all, they should ensure that you lie more comfortably and protect or avoid sores. Regardless of the area in which they are used, there are suitable positioning aids for every part of the body. They serve as effective positioning aids for extremities, head, neck or spine and are therefore part of every modern practice equipment.

What types of positioning rolls are there?

Positioning cushions are available in a wide variety of designs and each type is tailored to the special needs of the patient. Which tool needs to be used exactly depends on the purpose and the type of positioning that needs to be achieved. The following positioning aids are available:

  • Positioning pillows
  • Positioning rolls
  • Positioning cubes
  • Positioning wedges

All types of positioning aids are intended for specific therapeutic purposes: Positioning cushions, for example, can be used very universally, as they can relieve pressure on all parts of the body. As vein pillows, they are used, for example, to prevent or treat thrombosis and improve blood circulation. Positioning pillows, whether half-rolls, neck rolls or knee rolls, are designed for use under the knee joints and the neck. Placed there, they lead to a relieving posture. Positioning cubes can be used to relieve the back, but also as sitting and play cubes. Positioning wedges are used, for example, as an aid for lymphatic drainage.

The care of positioning aids

If you want to use your positioning aids and posture pillows for a long time, you should pay attention to special care. Cleanliness and hygiene not only ensure a long service life, but should also be a matter of course for patients in medical supplies, e.g. for therapists, for hygienic reasons. An artificial leather cover that can be cleaned and disinfected easily and without great effort is half the battle. In addition, the cover can be prepared for the next patient using disinfectant. Furthermore, the covers are easily washable.