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Positioning Wedges

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Positioning wedges belong to the category of positioning aids / positioning material. Positioning pillows with and without a wedge-shaped leg recess have been specially developed for the painless and corrective positioning of body parts, especially legs, and are mainly used in physio. They are part of the daily therapy needs of a practice and can be kept hygienically clean very easily.

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Special position correction using positioning wedges

Positioning wedges are versatile

Through the targeted use of positioning wedges with and without leg recesses, a gentle therapeutic positioning can take place. In this way, the performed treatment is even more effective and the healing process is accelerated. Depending on the therapeutic measure, specially manufactured positioning wedges, such as the lymphatic drainage wedge or wedges with a leg recess, can be used.

Positioning wedges are used in the following areas of application:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Care for the elderly, the sick and the handicapped
  • Manual therapy
  • Lymph drainage

What are positioning wedges made of?

Positioning cushions with and without leg depressions have a foam filling made of ether foam and are additionally equipped with a resistant synthetic leather cover. The foam core is soft, but still robust and dimensionally stable. It makes the application very pleasant and prevents painful pressure points, especially on the edge area. The use of high quality materials is a quality feature of good positioning wedges. The zipper of the cover is covered so that there are no scratches or pressure marks on the patient's body during use. The artificial leather also makes the therapeutic aid particularly hard-wearing and long-lasting. Wedge-shaped posture cushions with or without a recess are very easy to clean with standard agents and can be kept germ-free by wiping with disinfectants.