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Find anything that athletes and players need for optimal basketball equipment and thus for a basketball game and basketball sport. Discover our basketball equipment with Outdoor and indoor basketball systems or individual basketball hoops that are suitable for use at home, at school and for basketball clubs. Our basketball shop contains all the basketball equipment you need for this sport. Discover our products from different manufacturers now and buy the sporting goods at reasonable prices.

  1. Wilson® Basketball Cart
    Wilson® Basketball Cart
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  2. Grid for diagonal brace
    Grid for diagonal brace
    Immediately available
  3. Crash Protection Device
    Crash Protection Device
    Immediately available
  4. tubular drive L120/11 cm
    tubular drive L120/11 cm
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  5. Basketball hoop, foldable
    Basketball hoop, foldable
    Immediately available
  6. Safety clamp
    Safety clamp
    Immediately available

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High quality & robust basketball equipment

Basketball facilities for basketball equipment in the hall and outside

Basketball has its roots in the United States. Basketball is now one of the most popular sports worldwide and more and more children and adults are enthusiastic about the sport. Two teams play against each other in basketball. The goal is to hit a ball in a basket, for which the team will receive points. Both teams are equipped with jerseys or shirts (special basketball clothing). The winner of the game or sport is the team that scores the most goals in the basket during the season. Basketball is a very fast sport, which is why there are several seconds of rules. In addition, as in other ball sports, fouls are of course prohibited. At Kübler Sport you will find all basketball equipment and therefore basketball systems for the various locations in the basketball category: mobile competition systems (also used in the NBA) and basketball wall scaffolding for the hall, outdoor basketball systems for public sports facilities, for schools, clubs and playgrounds. We have the right basketball equipment for the private sector with the basketball leisure facilities from the Spalding brand. Of course you will also find other accessories for basketball equipment such as basketball boards, basketball baskets, ground sleeves, basket nets for basketball or other accessories for the referee in basketball. You will not find basketball clothing, such as basketball shoes or tracksuits specifically for basketball, in our basketball shop.


Basketball equipment for schools, clubs and public facilities

For the indoor area and the basketball equipment of sports halls, you will find basketball wall scaffolding, which is available in different projections and as a fixed or swivel version. If there is no way to install scaffolding in a hall, we recommend the mobile basketball competition systems or basket systems from Schelde. The majority of these basket systems are FIBA certified and can be purchased from us in various outreaches. Basketball hoops and goal boards are included in the Scheldt facilities. Our outdoor basketball systems are permanently installed streetball systems that stand in ground sleeves. Here, too, we offer designs of the basket systems with different projections. In addition to the GFK target boards, we also offer low-noise grid target boards for outdoor streetball systems. Of course you will also find basketball equipment for outdoors here:

  • Mobile basketball facilities for the competition
  • Basketball scaffolding for the hall and for outdoor facilities
  • Basketball hoops for inside and outside
  • Indoor and outdoor basketball nets
  • Streetball facilities
  • Basketball goal boards for the hall
  • Basketball goal boards outdoor

Basketball accessories for inside and outside: In the Kübler Sport Shop or in our range you will find basketball systems, streetball systems and basketball hoops in various sizes, as well as numerous other items, such as Game balls for the basketball game.