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Wrestling - wrestling mats and further equipment exclusively at Kübler Sport

Wrestling is probably the oldest martial arts of all martial arts disciplines. Even at the Olympic Games in the ancient world, wrestling has been a part of the all-around sports games and also as a single discipline, wrestling and wrestling competitions had been performed at the Olympic Games. In the wrestling fights of the ancient world, the athletes were totally naked. The winner of the wrestling fight was determined in different weight categories. If you managed to put your opponent on the ground three times, you were the winner of the fight. Today, there are two different styles of wrestling: the Greco-Roman style wrestling and the so-called freestyle wrestling. The characteristic of the Greco-Roman style is that the athletes may only touch, hold or attack their opponents above the belt. In freestyle wrestling, on the opposite, almost everything is allowed: the athletes may also attack the legs of their opponents. Choking, hitting and beating are not allowed in wrestling. The athletes try to put their opponents on the mat with the help of special holds. The ideal wrestling mats are very important. You can choose between wrestling mats including a covering for training and mats with a fighting covering approved by FILA for international fights. At Kübler Sport, you can find mats and wrestling areas in two different sizes: 10 x 10 m and 12 x 12 m.

Martial arts equipment for wrestling - scoreboards, training dummies and more for your training and for competitions

Wrestling requires regular training and discipline. Strength, stamina and various techniques have to be trained and improved again and again. We offer rope skipping ropes and training dummies for training purposes. Training dummies are an important training accessory in wrestling sports, as you will never find any other training partner having more stamina than a training dummy. Technique, strength and stamina can be improved while training with a training dummy. You can also find the ideal equipment for official wrestling fights at Kübler Sport. With the help of the competition scale, the traditional weighing before the fight will be child’s play and the weight class can be determined fast and easy. Kübler Sport does not only support you before the wrestling fight, we also support you during the wrestling fight. To not miss any point during the fight you can find your perfect scoreboard for the fight. Just take a glance in our online shop in the category wrestling and find the necessary equipment for your martial arts training or competition. From wrestling mats to training dummies, you will find your perfect equipment in our online shop.

  • Wrestling mats
  • Training dummy
  • Score boards
  • Competition scale

To be prepared for the competition and to monitor your ideal competition weight, please find our scales in the Kübler Sport online shop!