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Water polo is a popular sport in swimming or team sport in the water or swimming pool and brings a lot of fun and action. Whether for training or competitions in water polo, it is important in both that you & a club have good water polo equipment. In our shop you will find a large selection of high quality and robust products for water polo equipment and water polo accessories. Discover the must-haves of water polo equipment now and order the right products at a great price easily online in our shop.

Large selection of products for your water polo equipment in the club

Water polo brings fun & action to swimming

Water polo - the sport and team sport ball game for the water, brings fun and action into the swimming pool. A water polo team consists of a maximum of 13 players. 7 of the 13 players from a team are in the swimming pool or on the playing field in the swimming pool. The 6 free water polo players of a team try to move the ball into the opposing water polo goal. As with football, there is also a goalkeeper on the field of water polo who prefers not to let a ball from the attacks into the water polo goal. Whoever scores the most goals will of course win. Water polo is not just about accuracy. The players have to move quickly in the water. Through a clever play and free swimming, the ball in the water polo game should come as close as possible to the opposing water polo goal. With a strong, targeted throw at the goal, the water polo ball lands in the water polo goal and is out of reach of the goalkeeper. The playing time in the water polo is 4 times 8 minutes. Water polo is characterized by a very fast and action-packed game, which makes it particularly interesting for spectators. Most of the spectators sit on the stands at the edge of the swimming pool in the swimming pool. With the perfect water polo equipment from Kübler Sport, every water polo game becomes an experience. In our swimwear shop you will find a large selection of items for your water polo accessories. You will not find articles for swimming, such as swimming trunks or swimsuits. We have numerous great articles for all types of swimming, such as underwater rugby, swimming in general, lifesaving or open water swimming. The swimming caps in particular can also be used in general in swimming or swimming (e.g. underwater rugby, lifesaving or open water swimming). Because the caps in swimming protect the hair effectively from water & chlorine.


What does optimal water polo equipment look like?

In addition to the water polo ball and water polo goals, perfect water polo equipment also includes water polo caps (or swimming caps) for the players. In our swimwear shop you will find everything you need for an official water polo game and for training in water polo. In addition to the light water polo training ball, we also have official water polo play balls and water balls for the ambitious leisure sport from brand manufacturers such as Molten and Mikasa. The balls are made of high quality and resilient ruton. All of our water polo goals are made of aluminum, stable and solid. In addition to the permanently installable water polo goals for the pool edge (with ground sleeves like a soccer goal), we also offer the innovative, free-floating water polo goals Neptune for your water polo accessories in the shop. The free-floating water polo goal is super quick to assemble and disassemble and is ideal for swimming pools and indoor swimming pools. To complete your water polo equipment, you will also find great water polo goal nets with us. Whether water polo goal net for standard water polo goal or for the free-floating Neptune goal, our goal nets are robust and durable. Our caps and swimming caps also impress with their high quality and are ideal for your water polo equipment. In our range you will also find water polo caps that comply with the official regulations of the FINA and the LEN regulation and are therefore suitable for competitions.


Buy beach ball accessories

Our products for your water polo equipment are all characterized by the following advantages and properties:


  • Robust and stable
  • Durable
  • High-quality materials
  • Waterproof
  • Made in Germany
  • Different sizes or diameters for beach balls
  • Some products are competitive and comply with the official FINA regulations
  • Great & highly visible colors
  • Simple assembly and disassembly or easy to assemble
  • Caps (or swimming caps) with a good fit, comfortable to wear and effectively protect against water and chlorine
  • High Strength
  • Foldable net bracket at water polo goal
  • Inflatable elements for the water polo goal
  • Simple inflatable balls
  • Accessories for fastening the gates (e.g. ground sleeves) are also available in our shop
  • Great price of every single item
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