Medicine balls and gymnasticballs for schools, sports clubs and fitness centers - different sizes, various colours - just order online

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Medicine balls and gymnastic balls for schools, sports clubs and fitness centers - different sizes, various colours - just order online

  1. Waboba® Brain Ball
    Waboba® Brain Ball
    Immediately available
  2. Gymnastics ball container
    Gymnastics ball container
    Immediately available
  3. Water Ball Ø 40 cm
    Water Ball Ø 40 cm
    Immediately available
  4. Slackers Ninja Bälle
    Slackers Ninja Bälle
    Immediately available
  5. Knobby Playball
    Knobby Playball
    Immediately available
  6. Trick Ball
    Trick Ball
    Immediately available
  7. Gymnic® Heavymed Weightball
    Gymnic® Heavymed Weightball
    Immediately available
  8. GLOBE Playball
    GLOBE Playball
    Immediately available
  9. Volley® ELE Würfel
    Volley® ELE Würfel
    Soon available again
  10. Volley® Movement Dice
    Volley® Movement Dice
    Immediately available
  11. DER LUFTMATZ® Cube
    Only 3 left in stock
  12. Mikasa® Allround-Ball P850
    Mikasa® Allround-Ball P850
    Immediately available
  13. Physio reflex ball
    Physio reflex ball
    Immediately available
  14. tanga sports® Massage Ball
    tanga sports® Massage Ball
    Immediately available
  15. The LUFTMATZ® balloon ball
    The LUFTMATZ® balloon ball
    Immediately available
  16. Super Inflate Ball
    Super Inflate Ball
    Immediately available
  17. Trial® Medicine Ball DYNAMIC
    Trial® Medicine Ball DYNAMIC
    Immediately available
  18. WV-Gymnastic Ball
    WV-Gymnastic Ball
    Immediately available
  19. Squeeze Ball extra soft, yellow
    Squeeze Ball extra soft, yellow
    Immediately available
  20. Squeeze Egg extra soft,yellow
    Squeeze Egg extra soft,yellow
    Immediately available

Items 1-30 of 174

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Set Descending Direction

Medicine balls and gymnastic balls for schools, sports clubs and fitness centers

Medicine balls are real all-round talents if you want to improve your fitness level. When exercising with the medicine balls you improve your coordination skills and at the same time various muscles and muscle loops are activated. Exercising with medicine balls is multifunctional and diversified. When training alone you can use the ball as an additional weight, for example when doing crunches, when exercising with a partner or for group fitness classes, you can throw and shoot the medicine ball and thus strengthen your whole body. In our comprehensive range of products you find the classic medicine ball made of leather. The medicine ball “Power” is made of rubber. The Trial medicine ball “Dynamic” is filled with liquid, therefore the ball is not easy to handle. The liquid inside the ball reacts on every movement and grants a highly effective training. Furthermore we got medicine balls with handles and medicine balls by Reebok and Dynamex. Our medicine balls are available from 0,8 kg till 10 kg.

Balls – Gymnastic balls, balls for leisure sports and bell balls for every purpose

Balls are a very entertaining sports device especially for children. For the very small ones, balls such as the soft and lightweight sensory balls are very suitable. For the first steps or shots in ball sport disciplines balls like our ProSoft balls or Soft Touch balls will be a very good choice. Bell balls are also very flexible in use. For training with children, bell balls are highly suitable and the balls are also used in special sports lessons with blind people. The bell inside the ball is ringing when the ball is moving around, thus the ball can be localized even by people who are blind. Bigger balls like gymnastic balls and the therapy balls are predominantly used in therapeutic sports lessons or in physiotherapy. We even have the classical version of the ball, the gymnastic ball in our online hop. The gymnastic ball is available in different colours, designs and suitable for various use. We not only have slow-motion balls but also official gymnastic balls for rhythmic gymnastics.

Kübler Sport offers a wide range of different balls:

  • Water Balls
  • Weight Balls
  • Gymnastic Balls
  • Spikey Massage Balls
  • Bell Balls
  • Balloon Covers & Balloon Balls
  • Medicine Balls
  • Sponge Rubber Balls
  • Sensory Balls
  • Pilates Balls
  • Sling Balls
  • Sitting Balls
  • Soft- & Other balls

In this category you choose between all kinds of balls: Therapy balls, balls with bells and sensory balls, even gymnastic balls are available in the Kübler Sport online shop. If you like some heavy balls then get your suitable medicine ball in our online shop.