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Pilates training does not require a lot of training equipment or materials for the training. A Pilates Ball is always included. With us you will find high quality Pilates balls with high space security in different sizes, colors & weights. In addition, our selection of Pilates balls comes from well-known brands or manufacturers, such as Togu, Sissel, Redondo or Ledragomma. Discover the right ball now and simply order your product for the Pilates course online in our shop.

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Buying high-quality Pilates balls

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a systematic whole-body workout to strengthen the muscles. This training primarily strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, abdominal muscles and back muscles. The training or movement on the ball should ensure correct and healthy posture and includes strength exercises, stretching and conscious breathing on the floor. Pilates training and exercises are sometimes also used in rehabilitation. It is important that you undergo a professional introduction to the Pilates method in order to avoid movement errors and posture errors. Pilates training not only results in very good muscle building and strengthening of the muscles (deep muscles), it is also a very effective training for condition and movement coordination. In addition, a Pilates workout can also provide relaxation and thus fight head pain!


What are Pilates balls?

Pilates balls are used in Pilates training as supporting devices or training devices. The training is supported by the whole body with a Pilates Ball. For example, you can lie on your back, sitting with your knees bent, or prone on the Pilates Ball and do the exercises on a mat. With a Pilates ball you can address any muscle group in the body - be it the muscles of the upper body or the adductors in the thigh. The Pilates ball can also be described as an exercise ball. A Pilates ball is very resilient, robust and ideal for daily use in gyms (fitness area, surgeries or at home. The ball or exercise ball has a rather lower pressure in air, so that the Pilates ball adapts better to the human body Pilates Ball can also be filled with more air for advanced exercisers, but then the dynamics of the Ball increase and exercises on the Pilates Ball become a real challenge. The air pressure of the Pilates Ball can be inflated with a Regulate the straw.


Buy Pilates Ball

The Pilates balls in our shop are all characterized by the following advantages and properties:

  • Resilient (up to a weight of 120 kg) and robust
  • High security of space
  • High quality material (Ruton, PVC material)
  • Great colours
  • Products available in various sizes, diameters & weights
  • Elastic and non-slip surface when the product comes into contact with the hands
  • Free from latex and banned phthalates
  • Made in Germany
  • Versatile use with e.g. Exercises or a workout for your back, stomach, pelvic floor, legs, arms (just the whole deep muscles)
  • Odourless
  • Can be used without age limit
  • Pleasant skin contact
  • Easy inflation
  • Can also be used in yoga
  • Soft version is also available