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Hopping & Jumping

Sack race, French Skipping and co. - hopping, jumping and having a lot of fun

Sack race and French skipping are the classic leisure sports games for children. Almost everybody has played French skipping in the garden or on the school yard at least once. For the funny hopping game you do not need a lot of accessories, only a French skipping band and two additional people holding the French skipping band are necessary. You have to jump over and between the two bands in different combinations without touching them or getting stuck. Hopping and jumping outdoors is not only a lot of fun, it also improves motoric skills. With the rope skipping rope, moonhopper or hop sack, hopping and jumping together in groups or alone is a lot of fun. Additionally, teenagers and children stay fit and active. You can have funny and exciting competitions and matches, for example with the classic hop sack. The hop sacks are available in different colours and in different versions. The sacks can be used for funny games in the school yard, indoors, in the gym or outdoors. The moonhopper is one of the modern jumping accessories. Just have a look in our online shop and find the adequate equipment for your outdoor and leisure sports fun.

Mini trampoline, garden trampoline - big and small trampolines for every use

To jump on a trampoline is a lot of fun for young people, but also for older ones. In the garden, at home or in the gym, the trampoline is an effective way for training and improving your fitness and staying fit and healthy. No matter how old you are, to jump on a trampoline as fitness training is the perfect combination of cardio training and coordination. Garden trampolines are big sized and suitable for outdoor use. A lot of accessories, such as security nets or ladders are also available in our online shop. A weatherproof cover protects the trampoline and keeps it clean. For indoor use you can find a lot of different indoor trampolines in our online shop as well.

  • Hop ball
  • Hop bag
  • Weather cape
  • Bounce ball
  • Minitrampoline
  • Matstramp
  • Jute hop bag
  • Pogo stick
  • Trampoline
  • Moonhopper
  • French skipping
  • Hüppeding
  • Hopping pillow
  • Jumping bag

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