Effective water aerobic fitness training equipment. Here you will find aqua fitness accessories for various training possibilities in water. Order easily online!

Aqua Fitness

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Whether pool noodle, aqua step, aquacycle or smaller aquafitness equipment - Kübler Sport offers a high variety of aquafitness accessories.

  1. Beco® Aqua Gloves
    Beco® Aqua Gloves
    Immediately available
  2. tanga sport® Aquajogging belt
    tanga sport® Aquajogging belt
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  3. Pure 2Improve® Swim Chute
    Pure 2Improve® Swim Chute
    Discontinued item: Only 2 left in stock
  4. Floating mat
    Floating mat
  5. Beco® BEbelt Slim
    Beco® BEbelt Slim
    Immediately available
  6. Bodyflex 2
    Bodyflex 2
    Immediately available
  7. Beco® Aqua barbell
    Beco® Aqua barbell
    Immediately available
  8. CM Band Set of 10
    CM Band Set of 10
    Immediately available
  9. Comfy® Connector
    Comfy® Connector
    Immediately available
  10. Beco® UniversalRing
    Beco® UniversalRing
    Immediately available
  11. BECO BEtomic
    BECO BEtomic
    Immediately available
  12. Beco® BEnamic, blue
    Beco® BEnamic, blue
    Immediately available
  13. Beco® BEflex Handpaddles
    Beco® BEflex Handpaddles
    Immediately available
  14. Comfy® Noodle Fluo
    Comfy® Noodle Fluo
    Immediately available
  15. Comfy® Noodle Dynamic
    Comfy® Noodle Dynamic
    Immediately available
  16. Aquafins, pair
    Aquafins, pair
    Immediately available
  17. Aqua Paddle Set 2 x 250 g
    Aqua Paddle Set 2 x 250 g
    Immediately available
  18. Beco® Aqua-Kickbox-Glove PRO
    Beco® Aqua-Kickbox-Glove PRO
    Immediately available

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Everything about fitness training in water: aqua fitness equipment for an effective water workout

What are the benefits of aquafitness?

Sport in the water has long developed into a popular fitness training for all age groups, regardless of whether it is classics like water aerobics or aqua jogging or trends like aquazumba, aquacycling, aquajumping or aquaboxing. Both in shallow water and in deep water, the stress on the joints, spine and ligaments is significantly reduced compared to training on dry land, making aqua fitness popular with fitness-loving athletes and also in the rehabilitation area. There are a variety of different aqua fitness devices and aids that support the athletes and even increase the training effect.

All aqua fitness disciplines also use the positive properties that buoyancy, pressure, thermal conductivity and resistance of the water offer to make a very effective training: The water pressure causes deeper breathing, through which the blood flows better back to the heart, which protects the buoyancy the joints. Due to the water resistance, the muscles have to work more for every movement than in the air, and all muscle groups are also challenged. The good thermal conductivity of the water also supports the metabolism, since the body needs more energy in order not to cool down in the warm water.

Aquacycling: you can also pedal in the water

Aquacycling or aquaspinning is the umbrella term for training on very special aquafitness equipment: the spinning course can be easily moved to the pool on a special water-compatible bicycle ergometer. Our aquacycling bikes are made of robust and rustproof stainless steel and are suitable for a water depth of 100 to 165 cm. Thanks to rollers and suction cups, easy transport and a secure stand in the pool are guaranteed.

Aquajogging: run gently in the water

Aquajogging is only possible in deep water. Here you pedal through the water with a particularly strong knee lift. So that the feet do not touch the bottom of the pool, our aqua jogging belts serve as a buoyancy aid for the necessary buoyancy. Our aqua jogging belts are available in different sizes and designs, as are other aqua fitness accessories such as leg swimmers or other buoyancy aids for effective aqua jogging.

Aqua Step: aerobics in shallow water

In addition to a sufficient water depth in shallow water, the Aqua Step course only requires aerobic steps that are suitable for water. Our Aqua Steps offer high resilience with a low weight. The steps have a stable hold on the pelvic floor due to suction cups on the underside.

Aquafitness equipment: accessories for aqua aerobics & aquatraining

Water aerobics and other aqua training courses can now use a variety of aqua fitness accessories to make the training not only effective, but also varied. Our wide range of aquafitness equipment offers the right equipment for every course. From the trampoline for aquajumping, gloves and paddles for a larger resistance area or buoyancy devices to aqua kickboxing gloves or the aquafitmat, you will find everything you need for your aqua fitness course.

Pool noodles: A multifunctional tool

The swimming noodle is more than just a swimming aid for beginners. It is the classic piece of equipment in aqua fitness and is indispensable for any aquagym course. With the swimming noodle, the variety of Aqua Fitness exercises is almost infinite: it can be used as a resistance to strengthening, but also for relaxation and body awareness in Aqua Relaxing. At Kübler Sport you will find both short pool sticks and swimming noodles of regular length, as well as connectors to connect several pool noodles.