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With Aqua Cycling, a further, particularly effective and joint-gentle whole body workout has become established, which is becoming increasingly popular not only in the rehabilitation area, but also in group fitness. Whether for beginners, professionals or rehabilitation, at Kübler Sport you will find the right underwater bike and other aqua cycling equipment for your swimming pool.

Aqua Cycling: pedaling under water

What is aqua cycling?

With Aqua Cycling, the spinning course is simply moved to the swimming pool. On a special underwater bike, the pedals in the swimming pool are pedaled, as well as various additional exercises for the trunk and arms, so that a whole body training for the entire musculoskeletal system is created. The water extends to the hip or stomach while sitting on the Aqua Cycling bike, i.e. the water depth should be at least 1.35 meters. Like all Aqua Fitness disciplines, Aqua Cycling is particularly gentle on the ligaments and joints and trains the heart and circulation particularly effectively. This makes Aqua Cycling not only very attractive for Aqua Fitness in swimming pools and clubs. As gentle endurance training, aquacycling is particularly suitable in the rehabilitation area, in spa facilities, spas and rehabilitation clinics. Gentle muscle building after injuries to the musculoskeletal system and moderate cardio training are therefore easily possible with Aqua Cycling.

How is an Aqua Cycling bike constructed?

The Aqua Cycling bike is basically built almost the same as a conventional bicycle ergometer. The pedal resistance can be achieved in three different ways: Either the underwater bike has small paddles, fins or rotors that are connected to the pedals. If you pedal and under water, you drive the paddles. These must first overcome the water resistance. Depending on the model, these paddles can also be adjustable, because the larger the surface that hits the water in the direction of pedaling, the higher the pedaling resistance. Other underwater bicycles in turn work like dry bikes. The resistance is generated here via a brake disc. The third type of underwater bike has particularly wide pedals that, like the fins, provide pedaling resistance. However, this is always the same and, unlike the paddles or a brake disc, cannot be adjusted.

Due to its high weight of over 20 kg, an Aqua Cycling bike sinks to the bottom of the swimming pool, where it has a firm footing thanks to suction cups on the underside. The pedals of the underwater bike are designed so that they can be used without bathing shoes. There is usually a wide loop on the pedals that provides support for the feet.

Aqua Cycles: buy the right aqua cycling equipment

In our range you will find the right Aqua Cycling bike for your needs. You will find underwater bicycles from well-known brands such as Beco, Essenuoto or Aqquatix. Beco in particular stands for high-quality products and quality in the area of aqua fitness and water sports. For aqua cycling, Beco therefore offers various models of their SharkBikes made of stainless steel. Our range includes Beco SharkBikes with adjustable rotors, as well as adjustable saddle and handlebars. Our Aqquatix underwater bike convinces with an attractive design and a mechanically adjustable resistance of the pedals. Our Essenuoto Aqua Ergometer is also a classified medical device, which is ideal for rehabilitation training. The special thing about this underwater bike is that it is designed for training the upper extremities. This means that the pedals of the Aqua Ergometer are operated with the arms.

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