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Table Football

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A table football table on four non-slip legs, eight solid bars, two holes and a small table football ball: table football matches are as simple as they are effective when it comes to hours of fun with two to four friends. In fact, the "normal" table football table with its four playing bars on each side is designed for up to four players. The XL version can be used with twice as many players.

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Table football as a leisure activity or as a competition

Table football fun for everyone

Table football tables have been the attraction in youth clubs and leisure rooms for decades. Today they can be found in school yards, in playgrounds and in parks, in company break rooms and in private households. As successful as the pool table and dartboard, table football has become a mass phenomenon.

Table football - fun for up to eight people

The standard size table football tables has four bars on each side, so that there is space for two or four professional or hobby players at the table. It is played in two teams or individually against each other. But there are actually football tables in XL format that have eight hollow bars on each side. Up to eight people can play against each other. These large table football tables are particularly suitable for institutions such as schools, youth hostels and clubs.

One should pay attention to this when buying

Of course there are different models from different manufacturers. They have different equipment and designs.

Who is the table football table intended for?

If the table is mainly used by children, it must not be too high. Because the children have to reach with their noses over the holder of the bars in order to be able to see the playing field at all. At the same time, the table should be quite stable, because children play table football with all their physical strength.

For young people, the table football table must also be stable, but may have the standard height. Because, as with adults, the following applies: Standing upright is more comfortable than bending over. A stable base makes sense, but young people are so gifted with fine motor skills that the table does not have to be quite as robust as a table football table for children.

There isn't that much to consider with adults. The table may correspond to the standard and does not have to be as robust as that of children. A light table is sufficient for the afternoon of games at home. A table top can also be purchased.

In addition to the height, weight and stability of the table, playability is also important. Smooth-running play bars are ideal for children, but not so important for adults. Of course, the table must be safe for children and young people and not pose a risk of injury.

What is the table football table used for?

For a professional competition at the table football table, it should be ensured that the tournament table has official competition or tournament dimensions and meets the standards. This also applies to the practice tables in the clubhouse and in the private area.

Where is the table used?

A soccer table can be suitable for indoor or outdoor use. However, most models are not weatherproof. They are made of composite materials or wood and warp when the humidity changes. Rain and snow destroy them, sunlight bleaches them. On the other hand, table football tables for outdoor use are often made of concrete and have the correspondingly robust paint.

Table football table with accessories

Since it is a soccer table with a soccer field, you need a ball that is taken into and out of the game via the ball throw and ball throw. The cue ball is roughly reminiscent of a soccer ball, but is smaller and usually consists of hard plastic or cork. Important: The table football ball should have good playing characteristics and, above all, have a round shape. This applies not only to tournaments, but also to recreational games. If the ball doesn't roll and fly properly, the game becomes slow and unattractive. If a goal is scored, this is shown on the goal counter.

A table football table needs some maintenance. The table top should always be kept clean, dust and dirt tend to leave scratches there. The rods must be made of a rustproof material, but should also be maintained with a lubricant - this is especially important for the bearings.

Useful information about table football

The standard dimensions of the table football box and thus its playing area are 120 cm long and 70 cm wide, the height may be between 80 cm and 92 cm. Officially, the goals are about 20 centimeters wide and 8 cm high with a figure height of 7 cm. At the standard table, each team has eleven table football figures available.