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Table football is one of the most popular leisure games and is often played during breaks at work or with friends at home. The right table football balls are a perfect equipment for playing at the table football table. With us you will find a large selection of high-quality and robust table football balls for leisure, children and the professional games. In our shop you will definitely find the right table football ball. At Kübler Sport you can buy cork balls with low volume at a low price or grippy match balls with perfect characteristic for the next tournament. Any product for the next table football game is available at Kübler Sport. Order and buy easily online!

Robust and high-quality table football balls for children, leisure and professional use

What is tabletop soccer?

You can find tabletop soccer table in many households, company lounges, sports facilities or other leisure facilities. A tabletop soccer game is always very popular and can be played in a quick break. Young and old have a lot of fun playing tabletop soccer. A tabletop soccer table or the playing field on the table consists of individual football player who can control a table football ball towards the goal by rotating and pulling movements. Tabletop soccer can be played with two people or more and ensures real fun even with large groups. Compared to a classic football game, playing on a tabletop soccer table is certainly no less fun. Did you know that there is even an international tabletop soccer association (Itsf)? The ITSF wants to promote the game itself and to develop tabletop soccer further.

Order and buy the right table football ball

As with classic soccer balls, there are also different versions and models of table football balls. The biggest difference is the material. Table football balls can be made of hard plastic, wood, rubber or cork. The different materials are characterized by the following advantages:

  • Plastic table football balls: Hard plastic is used primarily appreciated by professionals at the table top soccer table. The plastic table football balls have a particularly rough and hard surface, which enables optimal ball control. The plastic table football balls can not only be combined with good playing properties, but also enable great tricks with the balls.
  • Wooden table football balls: The material wood is chosen for players who play an extra fast and hard game on the tabletop soccer table. The wooden table football balls are particularly durable, robust, rarely jump off the table and have a smooth surface. They are particularly suitable for hard power shots and give good ball control.
  • Table football balls made of cork or rubber: You should buy these table football balls for your Tabletop soccer table at home, because cork table football balls and rubber table football balls are softer and especially quiet in their playing behaviour. 

In addition, table football balls differ in their weight and diameter, and in some cases in their specific playing behaviour. The table football balls can also have a different softness. How soft the table football balls are depends on the material used to make the tabletop soccer balls. A table football ball must not only fulfil the expectations of the right size, diameter and weight, but also need to fit the playing style of the players.

Buying a tabletop soccer table football ball from Kübler Sport

The table football balls in our range are all characterized by the following advantages:

  • Extremely abrasion-resistant, non-slip and durable
  • Optimal ball control and great playing characteristics
  • Fast table football balls
  • Optimal match properties
  • Different colours or the classic football design are available
  • High-quality materials

Convince yourself now of our high-quality kick balls with extreme longevity and buy the right kick balls for children, for leisure use or for professional use online in our shop.

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