Devilstick, Jonglierbälle und co. Die faszinierende Kunst des Jonglierens bei Kübler Sport


Devil stick, juggling balls and more: The fascination of juggling at Kübler Sport

Juggling is breath-taking, fascinating and amazing. Not only children are fascinated by this magic sport. Teenagers and also adults can be inspired by juggling balls, juggling clubs, balancing plates, chiffon cloths and rings. Juggling balls have a high encouraging character. The small, coloured balls are very lightweight and have a good grip. The juggling balls in our online shop are not only suitable for juggling experts. Juggling beginners and everyone who wants to learn the fascinating sports will find the adequate juggling balls in our online shop. For the real magicians and juggling pros we offer juggling clubs and juggling rings in our online shop. Flying devil sticks, diabolos and juggling boxes offer a lot of fun, action and excitement to the spectators and to you of course as well. Be amazed by the tricks and the magic or just amaze others by trying to juggle. Watching, copying and adopting - juggling can easily be learned by self-study. The risk of getting injured is very low, but of course you should not start your juggling career with burning juggling clubs. It’s all a question of practice, as only practising will help you to be an expert. With our broad range of articles and equipment for juggling you will soon be a real juggling champion. If you need some help or some advice on how to practise, find experts tips in the books we offer. Just have a glance at our online shop and find the adequate juggling balls, juggling clubs and juggling rings.

Diabolo, devil stick and foot bag - the latest juggling accessories

A diabolo is a modified way of juggling. Two wooden sticks, connected with a small cord and the diabolo itself are all you need: the diabolo is attached to the cord and as soon as it is balanced, you are able to fascinate your audience with tricks. With some skills and a lot of practise you can turn yourself into a diabolo champion. You can also use the diabolo to start your juggling career. In our online shop you can find diabolos for beginners and also for champs. Another new juggling accessory is the foot bag. The small bag is similar to a bean bag. On your own or in a group, you have to keep the bag in the air as long as you can. You may not catch the bag with the hands and the bag may also not fall on the ground. Juggling with the devil stick is quite the same. With the help of two wooden sticks you try to juggle the coloured stick. Of course, just keeping the stick in the air is very hard, but real pros also do tricks with the devil stick. There are no limits - throw it up and catch it behind your back, for example. If you also want to become a pro with devil sticks, have a quick look in our online shop and get your own to start practising as soon as possible. Of course you will find even more juggling equipment in our Kübler Sport online shop.

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