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Croquet, Krocket oder Crocket - Ein Spiel, verschiedene Regeln und alternative Spieldeen

Croquet - a real popular leisure sports game

Croquet is a very ancient, classic leisure sports ball game and has been existing for many years. The game requires a lot of accuracy. For a croquet game you need a wooden racket and special wooden balls, as well as small, u-shaped goals. The ball has to pass these goals. Of course, to win a game, you will have to practise the use of the croquet racket. The croquet game itself can be played almost everywhere. It is easy to set up and you can carry the equipment with you easily, since you do not need a lot of accessories for a game. Play it with friends, the family or at school, the croquet game is a funny game for everybody. Play croquet together in groups and organize croquet championships. Croquet is the perfect leisure sports game for children, teenagers and also adults. Croquet is a giant outdoor game, that is very well known and provides a lot of fun while playing.

Croquet, or Crocket - One game - various rules and ways to play it

Croquet has, like any other giant outdoor game, some rules and instructions that have to be observed while playing. To win the croquet game you have to reach a certain goal. The goal in a croquet match is always to put the balls through a course of u-shaped goals. At the end of the course there is a wooden goal, the so called peg. The winner is the one who has put two of his balls through the course and hits the peg. In general the game is played with two main accessories: wooden croquet rackets and wooden balls. The rackets are shaped in a certain way and are called mallets. The end of the racket is shaped like a hammer, which makes it easy to hit the balls. The balls are coloured and have to be put through the goals with as little hits as possible. Nowadays you can play croquet on hard courts as well. So far, some more different disciplines have been developed based on the idea of croquet: golf croquet, bicycle crocket or wild style- and extreme-crocket.

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