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With the climbing holds from our shop, you can always redesign your climbing wall or bouldering wall individually. The climbing holds are not only very high quality & robust, but also come in different colors, levels of difficulty and shapes, such as numbers or letters. Not only recreational athletes, beginners and children are enthusiastic about our climbing holds, climbing stones or bouldering grips, but the holds and climbing steps also meet the high demands of professionals in climbing training and therapists during therapeutic climbing. Discover our large selection of climbing holds now. We also offer complete sets with climbing holds for your climbing route at great prices. Order and buy easily online in our shop!

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Robust and high-quality climbing holds

Why should I start climbing or bouldering?

When climbing or bouldering on a climbing wall or a bouldering wall, you not only need a lot of sporting skill, but also a lot of stamina, concentration and skill are required on the climbing holds. The required strength and skill, as well as overcoming fears strengthen the physical strength and self-confidence of children and adults. Climbing or bouldering is also often used in therapy to combat back pain and for muscle training or muscle building. Depending on the place of use and purpose (sport climbing, free time climbing e.g. at school, therapeutic climbing), different climbing holds and climbing steps or bouldering holds are suitable.


Where can climbing holds e used?

Depending on your body size, level of performance and personal preference, the climbing holds on the climbing wall or boulder wall always result in new routes along which the climbers can shimmy and climb. The climbing holds and climbing steps or boulder holds can not only be used in a climbing hall, but are also often used for therapeutic climbing in physiotherapy and occupational therapy practices or in rehabilitation centres. There are also walls or boulder walls in schools or other leisure facilities and sports facilities that children and adults enjoy a lot.


Differences between climbing holds for children, therapy and professional climbing

Children's climbing holds and sport climbing holds differ not only in their size. The climbing holds for children are adapted to small children's hands and are ergonomically shaped. In addition, in children, as well as when used at school, one-dimensional climbing holds, as well as grips with finger holes, are used for better gripping with the fingers. The climbing holds used in therapy have a large grip shape and are also ergonomically shaped. Climbing holds for sport climbing are sometimes uneven in shape and more difficult to grip.


Buying climbing holds

Our climbing holds are characterized by the following advantages:

  • Ergonomic shape and pleasant surface
  • Different levels of difficulty
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting even under heavy loads
  • Robust material
  • Great colours & handle shapes
  • Child-friendly design
  • Children's climbing holds with rounded edges
  • Integrated RipLock washers reduce the twisting of the handles in addition to suitable drive-in nuts and ensure increased safety
  • Delivery including drive-in nuts or screws for fastening

Discover our large selection of grips, climbing stones or boulder holds (e.g. sloper) from popular manufacturers with suitable drive-in nuts and ensure fun in your climbing hall, school in the schoolyard, practice or leisure facility. Complete climbing grip sets are also available from us.