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Stacking or speed stacking - cleverness and action

Stacking or speed stacking is a new sports trend requiring cleverness, skills and rapidity. When doing stacking, you have to stack cups. This seems to be very easy at first sight - but actually it is not. For stacking you need 12 cups, the so called speed stacks or flash cups. The cups have to be piled up, that is the aim of sport stacking. The participants have to stack the cups according to specified patterns and of course they have to do this as fast as possible. You need some sure instinct for the fast stacking of the cups. If you want to win, you have to stack the cups as fast as possible and dismount them afterwards as well. While the participants stack the cups, the time is clocked. Of course it is also necessary to stack the cups without any mistake. Stacking is the fastest skill game and it is demanding and challenging for your body: you need a lot of concentration, attention and you have to act fast. Fast stacking of cups as a game or a sport has been invented in the United States of America in 1980. Some years ago, the sports trend also got popular in Germany. Sport stacking can be found in schools and sports clubs and also serious competitions and championships are passed. In huge gyms, stacking stations are built-on with flash pad, timer and speed stacks and then the games start.

Speed stacking - sports, fun and improvement of coordinative skills

Speed stacking is not only a sport and a leisure trend. The fast cup stacking requires a lot more than you think. Sports stacking or speed stacking improves different motion sequences and coordinative skills. The fast sports trend also improves reaction skills. To the cups - ready, steady, go! In our Kübler Sport online shop you can find the adequate accessories and other equipment for stacking. We have stacking sets and you will also find accessories such as flash pads in our broad range of products

  • Sports stacks
  • Flash cups
  • Flash pad
  • Timer
  • Teach pack
  • Dice set

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