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Discover our wide range of products for your optimal baseball equipment in our baseball shop. Regardless of whether it is a game ball for baseball, baseball bat or baseball glove - with us the professional in the club or the recreational player for the baseball game at home will find the optimal baseball equipment.

  1. Baseballschläger aus Holz 32''
    Baseballschläger aus Holz 32''
    Immediately available
  2. Soft Baseball Bat-Set
    Soft Baseball Bat-Set
    Immediately available
  3. Tripod
    Immediately available
  4. Softball Ø ca. 10,5 cm
    Softball Ø ca. 10,5 cm
    Immediately available
  5. Vinyl Base Set
    Vinyl Base Set
    Immediately available
  6. Batting Tee
    Batting Tee
    Immediately available
  7. Kids Baseball Set
    Kids Baseball Set
    Soon available again
  8. Senior Baseball-Set
    Senior Baseball-Set
    Soon available again
  9. Baseball School Set
    Baseball School Set
    Soon available again
  10. Multi Sport Radar
    Multi Sport Radar
    Immediately available

21 Items

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Robust & high-quality baseball equipment

Baseball Shop – buying high-quality baseball equipment

Baseball has long been one of the four main sports in the United States (North American professional league MLB) and has also become increasingly popular in Germany. There is an official baseball association in Germany, the German Baseball & Softball Association (DBV). The game is played in two teams with nine players each. The goal is to have more points than the opponent after nine rounds (innings). The right to hit baseball changes several times, similar to the simplistic form of fireball. The offense team tries to hit the ball, which is thrown by a thrower or batsman (pitcher, slow pitch) of the opposing team (defense), and then to reach a safe position (base) on the field. The batting order determines the order in which the players of a team take the blow on the offensive. The defense tries to reach the hit ball to prevent the players of the offense team from reaching the base. The defensive positions on the field are called Fielder. If a player has passed three bases and has reached the home plate again, his team receives one point. The rules of the game are clear, then quickly order the perfect baseball bat, baseball ball, baseball glove or a complete baseball set, and you're ready to go. Of course you will also find base sets and batting tee in our baseball shop, as well as other accessories for your perfect game of baseball. You will also find the right items for women in our baseball shop.


Baseball equipment for schools, clubs and leisure

In our baseball shop you will find everything you need for optimal baseball equipment, from baseball bats to baseball gloves. In our extensive baseball range you will find a baseball set at a low price for baseball games at school or in a club, as well as high quality baseball bats made of wood (ash wood) and aluminum. The baseball set for schools includes 10 baseball gloves, 12 baseball balls, a baseball bat and other equipment for the perfect baseball game at school. Professionals also buy impact gloves and baseball balls from well-known brands such as Wilson in our online baseball shop. Discover our wide range of baseball and find the right baseball equipment for children, adults, club players and professional baseball players.


Baseball bats, baseball balls and much more for your optimal baseball equipment

We also have the perfect equipment for the smallest baseball fans: At Kübler Sport you will find soft baseball bats and a soft ball for children, baseball gloves, baseball balls in various sizes, but also complete baseball school sets and of course other baseball accessories. In our shop you will find everything that young and old, professional or leisure game need for a baseball game. In the following you will only get a small overview of our range in the baseball shop for baseball equipment:

  • pool Stick
  • Different baseball game balls
  • Baseball bats in different colors
  • Baseball set in different colors
  • Softball and softball rackets
  • Baseball gloves in different sizes

In our range you will not find any clothing, such as jerseys, baseball shoes or baseball pants for this sport. Nevertheless, with numerous baseball balls, baseball bats, baseball gloves or softball bats you will find any items you need for optimal baseball equipment!