Finden Sie hier alles was Sie für ein vergnügliches Airhockey Spiel benötigen: Airhockey Tisch, Airhockey Schläger sowie den speziellen Airhockey Puck.


Air hockey - fun and action-packed game on the table

Air hockey is a funny leisure sports game for everybody. Air hockey is a very fast and speedy racket sports game that requires good reaction skills. There are always two players that compete in the game. In Germany, it is a popular leisure sports game, in the US however, official games and competitions are organized. The game resembles to the traditional ice hockey. The characteristic air hockey puck is hit with an air hockey mallet or hammer bat and slides over the table’s surface. The players try to shoot the hammer bat into the opponent’s goal, just like in ice hockey. The characteristics of the action packed game are fast movements and fulgurous shifts in direction. Moreover, you need to be very concentrated and very clever to hit the goal. The air hockey game also requires good reaction skills and is the perfect leisure sports game for everybody. The tables you play on are as big as normal billiard tables and you will find them in almost every casino, in sports clubs or youth clubs. The air hockey table surface has a special covering and has to be extremely smooth and even to guarantee the perfect glide of the air hockey puck. The puck is hit with the help of a special racket, called air hockey mallet or air hockey hammer bat. It has a small resemblance to a small sombrero hat. In our online shop you can find all the necessary equipment you need to have action-packed, funny air hockey competitions: air hockey table, air hockey mallet as well as a special air hockey puck.

Air hockey - the rules of the action game

Air hockey is played with and also without official rules. If we talk about air hockey as official competition and professional sports, then there are some rules, for the leisure version there are no real rules. In some countries of the world, air hockey competitions and official games are organized. For example in the United States of America, air hockey games and official competitions are organized. In leisure sports and amateur sports the players just lay down the rules before they start playing. The players take their positions at both ends of the air hockey table behind the goals. The puck is then played as long as one of the two players has finally reached a certain amount of goals. It is important that the air hockey hammer bat may not leave the table and you may not touch the puck without the hammer bat. Moreover, the air hockey puck may not be blocked or held.

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