Boxhandschuhe, Boxbandagen und Boxsäcke - statten Sie ihren Boxclub oder ihr Fitnessstudio mit Equipment von Kübler Sport aus


Boxing at Kübler Sport - the adequate boxing equipment for amateur and hobby boxing and professional boxing

Boxing is one of the most traditional and oldest martial arts disciplines at all. Even in the ancient world there had been sportive fights where the athletes fought with their fists only. Back in these days, the sport was called fist fight. The fist fight of the past, however, differs a lot from what we call boxing today. Indeed, the athletes also fought with their fists only, but in the past, there had been no real rules or guidelines for the fight. The fist fight though had been an official discipline of the Olympic Games in the ancient world. Today’s boxing, the modern boxing fight, had been developed many years later. The current form of boxing resulted from prize fights which had taken part in the UK during the 17th and 18th century. Today, boxing has become very popular martial arts fascinating athletes and spectators at once. Official boxing fights turn to big media events in which the boxing athletes turn to gladiators. Boxing is not only a form of martial arts; since quite some time boxing has become popular as fitness training. Boxing and boxing training does not only improve stamina, coordination and reaction skills, but also improves and strengthens the upper body and the muscles of the lower body. For your boxing and boxing training you do not need comprehensive equipment or many accessories. At the beginning, you just need a good and high quality pair of boxing gloves. A broad range of boxing gloves can be found in our online shop. Of course you will find the corresponding boxing wraps in our Kübler Sport online shop as well. Heavy bags are part of the standard training equipment in every boxing club; heavy bags can even be found in functional areas of fitness clubs. Heavy bags are available in different versions, you will find some made of synthetic leather or made of original calf leather. Normally, the bag is equipped with a special wall mounting system; but Kübler Sport also offers a detached model for your boxing training. The base of the bag is filled either with sand or water. We also offer pear-shaped punching bags or double-end balls to improve hitting techniques. Just have a close look in our online shop and find your adequate boxing gloves and find the corresponding boxing wraps as well. Kübler Sport also provides all kind of equipment and accessories necessary for your body protection. Get yourself the important mouth guard as well as chest protection and a head guard in our online shop. You will find adequate equipment and accessories for training and competitions for professional boxing, amateur and hobby boxing and for all further martial arts.

Boxing gloves, boxing wraps and heavy bags - equip your boxing club or your fitness club with boxing equipment by Kübler Sport

Boxing gloves, boxing wraps and heavy bags are just a few small martial arts equipment pieces of the broad range of products in our Kübler Sport online shop. We offer ropes for rope skipping in various versions and we also equip your boxing club with a complete boxing ring. The boxing rings are foldable or hinged. Of course you will find the corresponding boxing score boards and the famous table gong in our online shop as well. With the equipment of Kübler Sport every fight will turn into a big event.

  • Boxing gloves
  • Heavy bags
  • Boxing rings
  • Rope skipping
  • Body protection
  • Baxing platforms

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