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The boxing ring gives competitions in martial arts an arena. The classic ring for boxing is unique and has all important properties for a safe sport performance on an appropriate surface. The boxing ring can of course be equipped with the right accessories such as a bell or the boxing display.

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The boxing ring: essential equipment for martial arts

Why is the boxing ring called "ring" even though it is square?

The classic ring for boxing has a square base. So where did the arena get its name from and why do you even need a ring for boxing? The name comes from Great Britain and was introduced in the 18th century.

At that time there were no fixed rules for the practice of the fights and the spectators stood in a circle around the boxers. Jack Broughton was the first to write in his "Rules for the Ring" what was allowed and forbidden during the fights. The name for what was later to become a square location has been used to this day.

How big is the area of a boxing ring?

The ring has an edge length between 16 and 24 feet. That corresponds to 488 to 732 centimeters. The default value is exactly 20 feet or 610 centimeters. Accordingly, most of the products have external dimensions of around 5 x 5 or 6 x 6 meters.

How big is the boxing ring itself?

The entire ring is larger than the area in the inner area available for the athletes. The floor area around the ropes must be at least 50 centimeters wide. Here the athletes have enough space to get into the ring.

What are the properties of the training floors?

If you want to train boxing intensively, choose a suitable floor covering as a training area for your martial arts. Ideally, this consists of a material with excellent cushioning properties and relieves the body during extensive training sessions. So-called puzzle mats are practical. The user puts these together from several pieces like a puzzle. This is advantageous in terms of transport and both storage and assembly work better in individual parts.

The training mats or ring mats offer further advantages such as a non-slip surface. The training can then be carried out safely. In addition, the materials can be cleaned with little effort. The latter in particular is an important argument for use in the commercial sector with frequently changing users.

Buy a boxing ring: What equipment is essential?

The ring is not complete without additional devices and accessories. The table bell is used to indicate the start of the fight and the end of the round. These are standard accessories. The signal bell is just as useful for competition as it is for preparatory training. The boxing display clearly shows the lap and the break time. The devices are designed in such a way that they comply with all relevant rules of the international boxing association. With this product, buyers pay attention to the maximum visual range from which the display can still be easily read. Suitable protective covers and tarpaulins or ring tarpaulins are available for folding boxing rings. These protect against dust and wear and tear on the fighting area when the ring is not in use. They are available in the appropriate size for rings with various standard dimensions.

The range also includes the AIBA high ring, which is supplied with complete equipment (including steel construction, corner cushions, ring ropes, doctor's stairs, swivel seats, etc.) and can be used for holding official competitions, as well as floor rings or boxing Flat training rings, which are very suitable as training rings.

What are the boxing rings made of?

The products available are usually just the rings. The user needs the following components to set it up:

  • Ring ropes
  • Corner upholstery
  • Connecting straps
  • Rope tensioner

These parts are included with the sets in the required quantities. The assembly is done by plugging and screwing the individual parts. Special tools are not required for this. The constructions offer the advantage of being easy to assemble and dismantle and take up little space during transport.

What distinguishes a competition boxing ring?

Competition rings offer a multitude of additional features and are the right choice for holding competitions according to the official rules. In addition to the ring, all parts for the construction of the substructure are available as well as a staircase that leads up into the ring.

The bottom of the boxing ring mostly consists of a wooden construction. Additional parts such as a steel frame and steel posts are available for the construction. There is also a tarpaulin with which the floor can be laid.