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Boccia - The outdoor leisure game that can be played everywhere

Boccia is a popular leisure sport game with balls. Boccia is especially played in the southern countries: in Italy and France, boccia or boule, as the game is called in France, is the most popular outdoor leisure sport for everybody. The skill game with the balls is played outdoors, on a special boccia course, but it can also be played on the beach in the sand. Boccia or boule can be played on almost every ground and in almost any place you want: outdoors in the grass, in the city centre or in the city park, even on the beach the game is very funny. Boccia or boule can also be played in sports lessons at school. The game with the balls requires skilfulness, patience and of course also a lot of luck. Boule or boccia is the perfect game for youth clubs or for retirement homes.

Boccia and cross boccia - even on difficult terrain

With the new trend of cross boccia, the game can now even be played on difficult and uneven grounds. The balls for cross boccia are not as round and heavy as the balls used for the traditional boccia, for cross boccia little bags filled with plastic-granulate are used. The advantage of this filling is that the boccia bags do not move after landing in uneven places. Play cross boccia in your house, in your flat, on the stairs or at the railway station - you can have exciting cross boccia matches everywhere now. There are no longer any limits! Just share out the balls, throw the goal ball and start the game. Find your perfect boccia set in our online shop and if you would like to try the new boccia trend cross boccia - you can find the adequate equipment in our online shop as well.

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