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American football has long ceased to be common only in the United States. There are also American football clubs in Germany and this ball sport is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. In our shop you will find everything that includes optimal American football equipment. We offer high quality American footballs and American football goals for optimal American football equipment from professionals and amateurs or club players. Discover our wide range of American football equipment.

High quality American football equipment for professional and recreational players

What is American football?

American football is a ball sport that originated in the United States. Two teams of eleven players each try to bring the game ball (football) to the opposing end zone or to achieve a field goal to win points. The attacking team or the team in possession of the ball (offense) can gain space by throwing (passing) and running (running), which ultimately leads to point wins through a touchdown or a field goal. Of course, the defending team tries to prevent the offense from getting possession of the ball. The offensive team has four attempts to gain space of 10 yards or more. If she manages to do this, the offensive team will receive another four attempts. If the team fails to do this, the defending team receives the ball. The playing time in American football is four quarters of 15 min each. The playing field is 120 yards (109.73 meters) long and about 53 yards (48.46 meters) wide and can be divided into 12 equally large sections of 10 yards each. In terms of tactics, there are numerous specific offensive moves (moving moves, passing moves, fakes) and defensive moves (lightning, defensive stunts & D-Line shifts).


What is American football equipment made of?

The American football equipment consists of special clothing or protective equipment for the American football players. You will not find the American football clothing, such as a football helmet, in our shop. You also need an American football for the American football equipment. American football balls come in different sizes. The sizes are based on the age group of the American football players. The following sizes are available:

  • Size 9: official size of the game ball
  • Size 7: game ball for teenagers
  • Size 6: game ball for students

Of course, the balls also differ in terms of their material. The official game ball is made of genuine leather and offers exceptional hold and durability. Beginners or balls for training are made of foam, rubber or synthetic leather. You will also find mini American footballs in our range of American football equipment.


What does an American football goal look like?

An American football goal is also an integral part of American football equipment and is usually made of aluminium. The American football goal has a tuning fork shape and is located in the end zone of both teams or teams. The American football goal consists of backward curved and padded posts that carry a crossbar. The crossbar is approx. 3.05 meters above the floor. The vertical bars at the end of the crossbar reach 30 feet in height. As a guide for the American football players, there is a red wind vane at the top of each of the vertical poles. The vertical stands are approx. 5.64 meters apart from each other in professional American football games and approx. 7.11 meters apart in lower game classes.


What is flag football?

Flag Football originated from American football. The main difference to American football is that the defence stops the offense player by pulling a flag from his belt. Because of this disembodied way of playing (especially in comparison to American football), flag football is often used in physical education or in the training of various sports to improve stamina and endurance. We also have the right flag football equipment for this American football variant in our shop.

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