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Find a large selection of robust, high quality playground equipment at Kübler Sport. Our playground equipment complies with the official DIN standards for safety and is therefore particularly suitable in public children's playgrounds. With our playground equipment or play equipment from well-known manufacturers for the playground, you can optimally equip your playground and outdoor areas in clubs, schools, kindergartens, day-care centers, leisure facilities, public spaces or at home in the garden.

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Robust and child-friendly playground equipment

Playgrounds for schools, nursery and other public facilities

Play equipment on playgrounds or play areas, e.g. a slide, swing or swing seats, seesaw, cable car or a climbing facility are perfect for children who want to play, run around and have fun. The playground equipment is very playable. Playing in the sandpit makes new friends and exciting adventures. Couple making the slide unsafe or swinging the swing higher than the person next to you are typical children's games and playground equipment on the playground. In addition to the classic, well-known and proven playground equipment, playground equipment such as climbing courses, slacklines etc. offer new play options for young and old. New, innovative games can be developed on the climbing frame, rope bridge and pendulum beam. Who can climb higher, who can balance across the bars without falling down or who can do more pull-ups on the horizontal bars? With the help of the new play equipment on the playground, children can easily develop and improve their motor skills and measure themselves against other children. In addition, playing in a group on a playground promotes and strengthens children's social skills. Climbing parks invite you to climb, swing, see-saw and balance. The rope course Haiger is enough for an entire school class to romp around in it. But not only children enjoy playgrounds, older age groups such as Parents use playgrounds as social meeting points. While the children romp and play on the playground, the adults use the time on the playground for communicative exchange. Even children's birthdays are quickly moved to the playground and children and youth groups also like to use the playground as a meeting point.

Adventure playgrounds with the right equipment 

With the elements of the Vario climbing park or climbing equipment, a complete adventure playground for an outdoor pool or other leisure facility can be put together individually. Hotel facilities, rest areas, schools or clubs like to upgrade their outdoor facilities with various elements and modules for climbing, swinging, swinging and gymnastics. And not only children have a lot of fun with the climbing facilities and play equipment, adults are also more and more enjoying moving and doing gymnastics in the fresh air. The fitness trail is also a thing of the past - multi-generation playgrounds, outdoor fitness and exercise trails are becoming increasingly popular. In large cities and communities, more and more exercise stations and outdoor fitness areas are being set up, which invite you to exercise and workout outdoors. Here you will find stretching systems for practicing pull-ups, climbing systems and also balance elements such as slacklines and balancing beams are integrated into the movement landscape. There are no limits to your imagination, as the exercise course or the outdoor fitness system can be put together as you wish. The individual modules or playground equipment are also suitable for the children's playground in your own garden at home. The different elements comply with the safety regulations, do not offer particularly large head heights and are simple and safe to set up. In general, however, you should always observe the regulations or standards of the devices for safety and the fall height (especially for fall protection or fall protection plates, DIN standard, TÜV tested) and ensure that all devices have sufficient fall protection with fall protection plates!

And here is a brief overview of the most important products of our playground equipment:

  • Climbing devices, as well as other gymnastic eqiupment
  • Slackmaster
  • Wodden play towers
  • Different parcours
  • Wodden seesaws, children spring rockers
  • Swings and seats for swings
  • Slides
  • Slackline for outdoor fun

The slackline shouldn't be missing on a playground these days. With the Slackmaster and Outdoor Slackline stand, Kübler Sport offers appropriate systems that are also suitable for public playgrounds. A slackline not only challenges the little ones to balance. Even older age groups are quickly subject to the high challenge character of this construction. Discover our wide range of playground equipment from various well-known manufacturers and optimally equip your playground, leisure facility or play area with our child-friendly products. We would also be happy to advise you on the selection of playground equipment. For years we have been characterized by a high level of expertise and good advice regarding the equipment of playgrounds.