Therapy equipment: Blackroll, heat therapy, etc. - High-quality products for therapy practices & rehabilitation centers - Order easily online!

Therapy Equipment

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Therapy equipment: Blackroll, heat therapy, etc. - High-quality products for therapy practices & rehabilitation centers: In our shop you will find a large selection of materials for therapy, psychomotricity, mobilization, massage, sensory integration therapy and much more. So you are guaranteed to find the perfect equipment for your physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, daycare, kindergarten, schools and clinics. Take a look around or let us advise you.

  1. Coasters
    Immediately available
  2. tanga sports® Bean Bags
    tanga sports® Bean Bags
    Immediately available
  3. Volley® Allround
    Volley® Allround
    Immediately available
  4. Instant Cold Compress
    Instant Cold Compress
    Immediately available
  5. Ball carrier stick
    Ball carrier stick
    Immediately available
  6. Horse leash
    Horse leash
    Only a few left in stock
  7. Eye mask
    Eye mask
    Immediately available
  8. Blackroll® Ball Ø 8 cm
    Blackroll® Ball Ø 8 cm
    Immediately available
  9. Wooden Hoop Ø 60 cm
    Wooden Hoop Ø 60 cm
    Immediately available
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Medical supplies and medical practice equipment

Convince yourself of the high quality of our Kinesiology Tapes, Sport Tapes or the classic Leukotape. The matching tape scissors can also be found in our online shop.

Indulge your clients and patients with a soothing massage or expand your wellness offer with the massage lotions, massage creams, massage oils and rubs of Kübler Sport or the various massage aids.

Are you training as a therapist or would like to present visual aids in your practice? Then you will find in our assortment the appropriate anatomical models and teaching aids for the areas of anatomy and health.

Functional training is becoming increasingly important nowadays, so clubs, gyms and a variety of therapy facilities want to take advantage of the diverse training. For this you will find the balance pads and mats from Airex and Kübler Sport, for the training of the fascia you will find fascia rolls, fascia balls and aids for triggering different blackrolls. Of course, the classic Pezzi gym ball or dumbbells made of vinyl should not be missing.

For psychomotricity and sensory integration therapy you will find suitable trainers and aids such as: Hand exercisers, various mind-buffs, team and movement games, anti-aggression games and a great offer for sand therapy with different blankets and vests.

You want to start your own practice? 

We offer the right basic equipment for your physiotherapy practice:

  1. Height-adjustable therapy tables
  2. Portable and fixed treatment tables or massage tables
  3. Storage material (eg half rolls, rolls, cubes, storage wedge, seat cushions etc.)
  4. wall bars
  5. Exercise equipment (eg, ligaments, exercise balls, clubs, bars, therapy gyros, etc.)
  6. Therapy or gymnastic mats
  7. stool
  8. mirror
  9. Clock for treatment rooms
  10. emergency call system
  11. Equipment and requirements for cryotherapy
  12. Therapy devices for heat therapy
  13. Heat radiation device
  14. Sheets, towels, blankets

In addition, we also offer the following equipment in our range:

  1. Training bench, angle tables or rear core lift
  2. Accessories per train apparatus: foot cuff or foot strap, hand cuff or hand strap
  3. Equipment for electrotherapy
  4. Apparatus for performing traction treatments

Hygiene and order must not be neglected in a therapeutic institution. Here you can equip yourself with disinfectants, disinfectant wipes, soaps and washing lotions. For the planning of your appointments and documentation of various information, we recommend the Kübler Sport organizers, appointment and index cards.