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Bouldering is becoming more and more popular and a bouldering wall is mostly the favorite in every sports hall, leisure facility, school, in the schoolyard or in any club. With us you will find a large selection of different bouldering walls of high quality and with different climbing and volume elements. Discover our range of bouldering walls!

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High-quality and robust bouldering walls for professionals, leisure and children

What is bouldering?

Bouldering is free climbing, as well as a form of climbing on natural or artificially created rocks (artificial rocks) or climbing walls and has enjoyed enormous popularity since the 1990s. More and more recreational athletes are also enjoying this sport. The special thing about bouldering or this climbing sport is that climbing at low altitudes is still possible without securing the climbing wall. A climbing partner is also not required for climbing on the wall or on panels with handles. The floor is secured with pleasantly soft floor mats, fall protection mats, bark mulch or gravel. Bouldering is also particularly attractive for school sports, as no prior technical knowledge is required for this sport and no climbing partner is required for climbing on the climbing panels or on the concrete wall. The maximum height of a Bouldering wall or climbing facilities for bouldering is 3 meters (jump height). The climbing wall construction in the climbing halls or the walls or multiplex boards for bouldering are not high, but often have a forward inclination. This inclination requires even more concentration when climbing and places high demands on the climbing technique.

Bouldering wall for leisure, competition & therapeutic climbing

Whether you want to make a children's playground, a back or wall of a building or climbing facilities with an unusual play area, a bouldering wall or a climbing tower, more attractive, are looking for a competitive (free-standing) bouldering wall for bouldering facilities or want to help your patients with therapeutic climbing - ours The range has the right equipment for every requirement. In our shop you will find:

  • Bouldering walls for indoor and outdoor use
  • Climbing nets for bouldering walls
  • Bouldering block
  • Bouldering walls for children
  • Bouldering set with climbing grips and steps and volume elements

Buying a bouldering wall

Both free-standing Bouldering walls for the indoor area and free-standing Bouldering walls for the outdoor area are available in our shop. Especially the models for the outdoor area, such as for use in the school yard or publicly accessible playgrounds, are particularly popular. These Bouldering walls are often made of polymer concrete. The polymer concrete material is particularly wear-free and weatherproof. Bouldering walls in the indoor area are mostly made of (weatherproof) GRP. The climbing grips and volume elements are supplied with most bouldering walls with drive-in nuts for self-assembly on the surfaces. The assembly of the handles in the holes or in the hole pattern using screws or nuts is very simple. Then you can always redefine the routes yourself with the climbing grips & impact nuts. The handles can be installed in the holes at different intervals. The climbing grips can simply be screwed into the Bouldering wall and most of the climbing grips for Bouldering walls in our shop comply with the DIN standard 12572-2. The climbing grips on the Bouldering walls have a special coating for even better grip. With regard to the substructure, you should never forget sufficient protection or fall protection when bouldering. The substructure of the Bouldering wall or the climbing towers for bouldering must always be equipped with fall protection mats. If you want to build or install a climbing wall or Bouldering wall for use in your climbing hall or on your premises, please contact us. We would be happy to advise you on planning, climbing wall construction and installation.