Bouldering Wall Element with Climbing Net Length 920 cm - Height 300 cm

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Boulderwand mit Kletternetz Länge 920 cm - Höhe 300 cm

At the bouldering wall with climbing net two two-part boulder walls of polymer concrete are connected with a climbing net 3 x 2 m. This combination provides for variety when climbing. With an overall length of more than 9 meters and a little more than 41 square meters of climbing surface, this boulder wall is perfect for use in school yards or playgrounds, as many children can climb the Boulder wall at the same time. This facility can be installed almost anywhere. The modular system allows for various forms and later extensions. The skeleton of the boulder walls form hot-dip galvanized steel tubular supports. These must be concreted. The approximately 5 cm thick concrete slabs are attached to the supports by means of laterally attached pipes. The double-sided structuring creates a rock-like look. 256 high-quality climbing handles made of synthetic resin with quartz surface are screwed on. As anti-theft protection, these are additionally fixed firmly.

Product features:
- Free-standing boulder wall, can be clipped on both sides
- Surface in slate plate structure
- Weather- and weather-resistant polymer concrete, UV- and frost-resistant
- climbing surface per element: 1.40 m x 2.40 m (W x H)
- Galvanized steel supports
- climbing network 3 x 2 m
- Handles can be added at any time
- Existing handles can be moved
- Total dimensions approx. 9.2 x 2.5 m
- Certified according to DIN EN 1176 playground equipment and GUV specifications

The climbing of boulder walls is still fully up-to-date. Climbing not only teaches strength and coordination, but also improves body control and body awareness. Boulder walls are also so popular on schoolyards, playgrounds and sports grounds, because they are climbed to the jumping height and therefore only a suitable fall protection has to be taken, but no supervisors or rope guards are necessary.


- Freistehende Boulderwand, beidseitig bekletterbar
- Oberfläche in Schieferplattenstruktur
- Wetter- und witterungsbeständiger Polymerbeton, UV- und frostbeständig
- Kletterfläche je Element: 1,40 m x 2,40 m (BxH)
- Sützen aus verzinktem Stahl
- Kletternetz 3 x 2 m
- Griffe können jederzeit hinzugefügt werden
- Vorhandene Griffe können versetzt werden
- Maße gesamt ca. 9,2 x 2,5 m
- Zertifiziert nach DIN EN 1176 Spielplatzgeräte und den Vorgaben der GUV
Das Klettern an Boulderwänden ist nach wie vor voll im Trend. Klettern schult nicht nur Kraft und Koordination, sondern verbessert auch die Körperbeherrschung und das Körpergefühl. Boulderwände sind auch deshalb so beliebt auf Schulhöfen, Spiel- und Sportplätzen, weil auf Absprunghöhe geklettert wird und deshalb nur auf einen geeigneten Fallschutz zu achten ist, aber keine Aufsichten oder Seilsicherungen notwendig.
Product information
Length (cm)
920 cm
Height (cm)
300 cm
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