Here you will find all kind of basic equipment for sports halls and gyms, from protective nets to floor markings. Benefit from great prices, fast delivery and high-quality equipment.

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In this category you will find everything related to the professional equipment of your sports hall: from built-in devices to ball trolleys to floor markings, Kübler Sport supports you in choosing the right sports hall equipment for your needs.

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Sports hall equipment at Kübler Sport

When it comes to the basic equipment of a sports hall, there are many areas that have to be considered, because in addition to the many different sports equipment, mats and balls or changing rooms, there are many other points that you need for smooth sports operation in your hall. From the choice of the sports hall floor and its field markings to permanently installed systems, climbing systems or built-in devices, protective nets or storage solutions to display boards, clocks or music systems, our range offers you a wide range of useful and essential equipment for sports halls, gyms and gymnastics rooms.

Kübler Sport is not only a specialist for complete gym equipment, but also for sports hall renovations, core drilling, maintenance of sports facilities and the marking of playing fields. Talk to us, we will advise you!


Flooring and marking

The floor and the playing fields marked on it are the most important element of a sports hall, but the right floor is also important in the classroom of the fitness studio or in the weight room. Firmly bonded rubber granulate sports floors offer very good noise insulation and are particularly non-slip. Since they are also very easy on the joints and point-elastic, they are ideal for weight rooms and gyms. If you want to remain flexible, you should choose non-slip and modularly installable puzzle mats and sports floors that can be laid out and tidied up as needed.

Existing sports floors should be cleaned regularly. In addition to professional cleaning of your sports hall, we can also seal your sports floor with a PUR seal, so that the surface will be easier to clean in the future. Our services also include removing old floor markings and re-lining or relining the sports hall floor.

The playing fields in a sports hall should always be professionally marked and correspond to the current rules of the respective sport. You can have Kübler Sport measure and apply field markings for sports halls in accordance with the regulations of the international sports associations. Our experts mark your playing fields permanently in accordance with the DIN standard using a two-component special paint. This polyurethane-based paint is highly resistant to abrasion and fulfills all functional requirements. We would be happy to make you an individual offer to line your sports hall.


Storage & transportation

In order to store the many different small devices, balls and other materials of the hall equipment in a space-saving and orderly manner and to have a clear equipment room, individual solutions for storage and transport are required. In our assortment you will find a variety of different boxes, ball trolleys and shelf trolleys with which the ball chaos in the equipment room is a thing of the past. With ball trolleys made of steel wire constructions and grids, you can also see at first glance what the contents of the trolley are. In addition, thanks to practical roles, a larger amount of balls for training or school sports can be easily brought from A to B.


Built-in appliances

A well-equipped sports facility not only has a well-stocked equipment room with a wide variety of sports equipment, but also some permanently installed equipment and systems for installing these sports equipment. With the help of coverable ground sleeves, match posts for volleyball or badminton, as well as gymnastics equipment, such as a ground sleeve parallel bars or ground sleeve horizontal bars, can be firmly anchored in the ground. The respective posts can be stored on the wall of the equipment room to save space after use and the sports hall is again free for other users. Large wall mounted ladders and climbing poles belong together with climbing ropes in a well-equipped sports hall: while the climbing ropes are attached to the ceiling with an extendable rail, wall mounted ladders are usually attached to the hall wall. An absolutely indispensable part of every sports hall should also be a variable swing and climbing system (VSK system). Swings, ropes and swing rings can be attached to this ceiling system and easily converted for every need.

Music systems

Our music systems and sound systems ensure the best sound in your gym or in your gym. In our range you will find digital sound systems as well as portable systems and amplifier boxes for every room size. No matter whether on CD, via USB or Bluetooth, with a music system, nothing stands in the way of dance training or the aerobics course. A mobile music system has the advantage that it can be used anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. You will also find the right microphone or headset for every music system. We would be happy to advise you on the best sound system for your hall or classroom.


Safety nets

Protective nets are also part of professional hall equipment. These stop nets protect the walls and delay the rebound of balls in sports halls or multi-purpose rooms. Spectators are also safe from stray throws and shots and the ball no longer has to be searched for after a miss. Network systems can also act as a curtain for individual parts of the sports hall in school sports. When buying a protective net, the correct mesh size is necessary, which varies depending on the sport and its ball size. The mesh size in a public sports hall should not exceed 50 mm.

No matter what ball sports are played in your hall: in our range you will find a large selection of protective nets in different color combinations, net thicknesses and mesh sizes. Short-term requirements in any size are possible. Request an individual offer free of charge. Of course, you can also have the protective network system professionally installed by us.



Especially in school sports, but also in relation to training times, it is important to keep an eye on the time. Clocks for sports halls have to withstand special requirements: Just like a scoreboard, they should not only be easy to read but above all very robust and therefore ball-proof so that they can withstand misdirected shots or throws, for example. Our clocks from well-known brands such as Peweta are an indispensable part of the gym equipment. Not only are they of high quality, reliable and robust, they also impress with an attractive design and good legibility. All clocks are battery operated, you will also find radio clocks for your sports facility in our range.