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Safety nets and ball protection nets provide the necessary security in gyms, sports halls, sports facilities and multifunctional halls. Especially in ball sports, mistakes are made quickly. With a ball protection net or ball safety net, not only are the spectators protected, but also the ball does not have to be searched for too long. In addition, the network systems or the safety net also serve as a curtain. In our online shop you will find a large selection of safety nets in high quality and in various net sizes and mesh heights. Discover safety nets from different manufacturers for ball sports in clubs and ball catchers and order easily online!

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Buy high quality & robust safety nets for sport halls

What is a safety net?

Safety nets for sport halls and ball safety nets provide the necessary security in gyms, sports halls and multifunctional halls and thus serve as safety nets. Whether in football, handball or basketball, a ball misses quickly and does not end up in the goal net. A ball protection net or a ball catch net next to a goal net is not only ideal for protecting spectators from flying balls. A protective net also protects the hall walls from dirt and damage and at the same time delays the rebound of the balls. With the help of a knotless ball protection net in the hall, you can easily and conveniently delimit the playing field at different heights, and even outdoors, the sports net solves the annoying problem with flying balls and meets all the requirements for a safety net. Be it an adjacent playing field or an adjacent property, the safety nets for sport halls hold every ball safely.


What do I have to consider when buying safety nets for sport halls?

You should clarify the following aspects:

  • Location of the net equipment or the partition curtains: indoor or outdoor
  • How the net is used
  • Area that the protective net should cover in sports


Location: Material of the ball safety nets

At the beginning it should be clear whether you want to use the ball protection net indoors or outdoors. Safety nets for sport halls made of polypropylene are suitable for use in outdoor areas. Polypropylene nets are robust, durable and stable. They defy wind and weather. A knotless polyester sports net is suitable for indoor use.


Different mesh sizes for different sports

Ball safety nets with different mesh sizes must be used in the different ball sports. Because the size of the ball used requires different mesh sizes.

  • Football and basketball: mesh size of 12 cm
  • Volleyball and handball: mesh size of 10 cm
  • Tennis and hockey: mesh size of 4.5 cm
  • Golf and squash: mesh size of 2 cm

This information regarding the mesh sizes in different sports should be observed when choosing the ball protection net for optimal protection of spectators and ball catch.


Size of the safety nets for sport halls

The size of safety nets for sport halls naturally depends on the space available in your sports hall or on your sports field. On the one hand, you get prefabricated ball trap net systems with ball trap fence, which contain entire ball trap fences with ball safety nets. On the other hand, we individually manufacture the ball safety nets or the ball catch fence for your wishes. You are welcome to contact us in this regard.

With us you get high-quality and robust safety nets for sport halls for optimal protection of spectators and a perfect catch of balls in addition to soccer goal nets while playing. With these ball safety nets you can also ensure a clean separation of different areas in the sports hall or on the sports field. Discover our large selection of safety nets for sport halls with different grid heights and net sizes and optimally equip your sports facility with a safety net or a safety net!