Tensioning Lock M10, galvanized

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Spannschloss M10 Haken + Öse für Schutznetze

For optimum tension of Protection Safety nets and ball fishing nets, the well-proven turnbuckles are used.
With "hook and eye" the turnbuckle is attached to the steel cable and suspension unit and this brought by rotating the turnbuckle in the desired position until the safety net has reached the optimum tightening.
Turnbuckles are made of solid steel, the surface is galvanized.

We supply the turnbuckle for self-assembly on steel cord (U4220), Delivery
without steel cable, thimbles and cable clamps


- massiver Stahl
- Oberfläche verzinkt
- Gewinde M 10 x Spannweg 120mm
- nach DIN 1480

Kauschen (U4228),Seilklemmen (U4224),Stahlseil (U4220) und Preßhülsen (U4226) bitte separat bestellen.

- solid steel
- galvanized surface
- Thread M 10 x 120mm Tension
- According to DIN 1480

Thimbles (U4228), cable clamps (U4224), steel cable (U4220) and ferrules (U4226) is to order separately.
Product information
Package length
20.8 cm
Package width
3 cm
Package height
1.8 cm
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