Judo - Judoanzüge, Judogürtel und vieles mehr für den japanischen Kampfsport


Judo - Judo suits, judo belts and more - equipment for the Japanese martial arts

Judo, the traditional Japanese martial arts discipline, is one of the oldest martial arts. In the year 710, judo had been noted in the Japanese chronicle for the first time. The judo fight practiced these days resembled to nowadays’ wrestling. The translation of the word judo is "mild way". Doing judo is not about winning, for every fight the main rule is to "win by giving in". The athletes, the so called judokas, wear traditional judo suits while fighting. A traditional judo suit consists of a Zubon, white, long trousers made of cotton and an Uwagi, the jacket. The judo suit is completed by the characteristic judo belt. The different colours of the judo belts show the different skill levels. At Kübler Sport, you will find your perfect judo suit and the matching judo belts in the colour of your current Dan, your level. Equip your judo club or sports club with martial arts equipment by Kübler Sport. Even children will find the perfect judo suit in various sizes in our online shop. With the judo suit by Kübler Sport you will perform very well during your fights.

Judo mats by Kübler Sport - stable and solid for your judo training

In judo, the judoka tries to throw the opponent on the mat with the help of different techniques. Judo mats have to support the judokas with a stable stand and has to prevent the athlete from injuries. The surface of judo mats has a special structure, which is washable and very hygienic. The bottom of the mat has an anti-slip covering. Our traditional judo mats area available in two colours: red and green. For schools and sports clubs we recommend the judo mat EASY ROLL. It is a very interesting alternative, as setup and dismounting are very easy and can be done very fast. The mat EASY ROLL is available in 3 different sizes. The judo training mats can also be stored space-saving. Find your adequate judo mats at Kübler Sport. For special equipment for your judo club please do not hesitate contacting us at any time.

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We also offer many different accessories such as scoreboards for official competitions, according to the latest rules and formalities of the official judo association.