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Golf, school, golf clubs and Pykamo - perfect for school and sports lessons

Golf - play it now at school during your sports lessons

Golf - when you think of golf and playing golf, you definitely also think of big greens, well-groomed lawns, golf cars, bats and the handicap. So far, playing golf was only possible at the golf areas. Now golf can be played almost everywhere. Due to new and innovative products it is now possible to play golf outside the golf area: your garden at home or your living room can now be the new golf area. The game is also highly suitable for school’s sports lessons. Golf in sports lessons is an innovative and at the same time very funny way to teach the pupils. For playing golf you do not only need accuracy, also patience and tactics skills are highly demanded. The Pykamo school golf set offers you a totally new training and sports concept that has been developed for teenagers and school classes. With the Pykamo set, everybody gets in contact with golf sports and gets to know the precise sport. All school golf sets are equipped with bats, goals and balls. The school golf equipment is very sturdy and made of high quality materials. Thus, the golf sets are highly suitable for use in gyms during schools lessons, in the school yard and at many other places. All school golf sets come with an instruction manual, giving you a short introduction of the set and of course some short explanations about the golf sport. Together with a bag, the set can easily be taken anywhere. From now on, there are no limits any more. Start improving your handicap now, because with the school golf sets everybody can turn into a real golf champion!

Golf with Kübler Sport - fun for your leisure time

On one hand, golf is a leisure activity, but on the other hand golf is also serious sports. Golf as serious sports is played on huge greens with strict rules. As a leisure sports player who does not want to participate in championships, you should have a look at our category leisure golf to find everything you need: golf bats for children, teenagers and adults, as well as golf putting targets and other necessary equipment for your golf game. Play golf together with your family, with some friends or at school in sports lessons and on the school yard. Leisure golf is a game for everybody and the adequate equipment such as golf bats or balls is available in our Kübler Sport online shop. Start now and maybe celebrate your first hole-in-one soon.

  • Golf bats
  • Golf equipment
  • School golf
  • Pykamo
  • Minigolf
  • Golf set
  • Hoop-golf set
  • Golf putting target

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