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Clocks are particularly important in sports halls. They show, for example in physical education in school or in training in a club in the hall, how long the training is going to last or you can display the time of the competition. A clock in the sports hall, in the gym or on the sports field provides the time frame for the sporting event, training or competition (e.g. in gymnastics, badminton or table tennis). As a result, a watch should never be missing in the sports hall. In our shop you will find a large selection of various digital and analog, as well as ball-proof clocks from well-known brands, such as Peweta. Discover our high-quality watches for the sports hall now and order conveniently online!

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Robust & high-quality clocks for sports

What kind of clocks for sports are there?

Clocks or clocks are required in the sports area for the indoor area (clock sports hall, hall, gym or in the classroom at school) and for the outside area (sports field). There is a fundamental distinction between analog and digital clocks. An analog clock in sports shows the time using hands (hour hands and minute hands) on a dial. In comparison, a digital clock shows the time with a coded character set on a digital display or a digital display. In addition, the clocks for the sports hall can have different shapes (round or square), different sizes and colors. For all clocks for the sports hall or the outdoor area, it is important that the digits on the dial or numbers on the display or behind the windscreen of the clock are legible even in a large area and that the clocks in sports are ball-proof (especially for Ball sports such as soccer or handball). This means that the display should consist of a safety glass (ball throwing protection), which protects the clockwork during play and thus represents a ball throwing protection. All watches in our range are battery operated watches. You will also find radio clocks with radio clockwork and radio receiver (dcf). Our clocks for sports are very easy to mount on the wall and can be used in all sports, such as badminton, table tennis, football, as well as in any large area. The watches are also suitable for children and young people (industrial watches with a simple design and motif). Batteries are sometimes included in the scope of delivery.


Clocks in the swimming pool

Compared to use in sports halls, watches in a swimming pool or in a damp environment must have special properties. Because the battery-operated clock not only has to be robust, but also has to be splash-proof. This means that the watch in the swimming pool should be waterproof and must withstand the harsh conditions of chlorine air and high humidity. A clock in sports can have additional properties, such as an indication of the humidity or the temperature, especially for use in the swimming pool.


Buying a clock for sports

The clocks for the sports hall or other facilities in our shop are characterized by characterized by the following properties:

  • Robust and impact-resistant & ball-proof in ball sports
  • Easily legible dial even from a great distance
  • Different shapes or designs in a great design (industrial clocks)
  • Reliable
  • High quality of materials (plastic front glass and plastic housing or anodized aluminum or metal housing)
  • Cheap prices
  • From well-known brands such as Peweta
  • Radio clock function with radio clock mechanism and radio receiver (dcf)
  • Batteries are sometimes included in the scope of delivery
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use
  • Can be used in the children and youth area

All clocks for sports in our range not only have a high quality (ball-proof display or metal housing), but also impress with a great price and beautiful design with optimal readability. Discover our clocks for your gym, your sports field, your club or your physical education now. With our watches you will always be on time and have a perfect display of the time in every game!