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The punching dummy is a popular alternative to the classic punching bag. The punching dummy is ideal for the martial artist in order to train speed, endurance and strength. There are suitable boxing products to choose from for every purpose.

Punching dummy for intensive boxing training sessions

Who needs a punching dummy?

The purchase makes sense for sports facilities that offer their customers courses on self-defense. The punching dummy has the perfect prerequisites for these exercises: It simulates the head and upper body of a person. This is useful for practicing attacks on the neck or chin hook, for example. The uniform punching bag, sandbag or a punching ball are less suitable for this.

The product is also useful when a sports facility wants to offer variety to its exercisers. In this case, the dummy serves as a supplement to the hanging and standing punching bag.

What is a punching dummy and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The boxing doll works in a similar way to a standing punching bag and absorbs the hits and kicks of the trainee, who can train with or without boxing gloves. However, it is a special form of the punching bag because this training device realistically reproduces the head and upper body of a person and can thus simulate a real combat partner to a certain extent.

The advantage of this product is obvious: the user always knows exactly which part of the body he has hit. This enables targeted and realistic boxing training without a real training partner. For example, it makes sense to work with a trainer who stands right next to the aid and immediately sees where the hits have landed.


  • Ideal for training self-defense
  • Practice of targeted punches and kicks
  • Big, heavy and stable


  • Relatively small hit area compared to a standing punching bag
  • Lower area mostly not upholstered

These products are available for selection

The box dummies offer manufacturers many options for creative design. The customer benefits from varied products with different shapes, colors and other features. Most products only represent the upper body, some dummies reach lower down to the thighs. The models are modeled very realistically and made of elastic and at the same time hard-wearing material. Here everyone will find a suitable training device for their needs.

Overview of the available sizes

The training devices are basically as big as a real person. That makes sense, after all, the dummy should replace a sparring partner. Most of the products on the market range in size from around 155 to 180 cm. It is practical here if the device has a height-adjustable torso. Then the size can be adjusted.

What features do the training devices offer?

High-quality models can be flexibly adjusted via height adjustment and thus to the height of the person exercising. This allows the user to perform his kicks and punches at the desired height and thus to train all areas optimally. In any case, it is important that the figure stands solidly on a suitable surface. For this purpose, the user fills the base of certain fillable models with water or sand, for example, so that the punching dummy does not tip over due to its weight, even when hit hard.

Differences between the products are in the materials used or the height of the base. A typical example is the manufacture of the torso from a latex mixture. The typical height of the base for the dummy is around 40 to 50 cm. Exercise machines with different heights are suitable for people of different sizes such as teenagers and adults.

For which martial arts can the dummies be used?

The punching dummies are characterized by their excellent qualities, which are useful in many sports. In addition to classic boxing, the user can practice fitness boxing, Thai boxing or kick boxing here. The user can also think of his own exercises, the dummies can be used in many ways.

How effective is training with the punching dummy?

The dummy basically replaces the sparring partner and is therefore particularly flexible in use. Kicks and punches can be trained regardless of the device. For this reason, a dummy is often even more effective than a sparring partner, with whom the trainee always holds back a little, at least unconsciously.

The dummy makes it possible to practice important factors like the stroke frequency or the accuracy as if it were a real person. All of this contributes to the high effectiveness of the training.

Use of this particular exercise device is beneficial for many reasons. It can also be used to practice more complicated punch sequences as well as punch and kick combinations. If you want to perfect your training, you can buy both variants and rely on the punching bag and the punching doll.

Which muscles can be trained with a boxing doll?

One of the decisive advantages of this training device is the ability to train the entire body and thus almost all muscle groups. Strikes train the muscles in the arms and upper body, kicks against the doll address the muscle groups in the legs and lower body.

There are practically no limits to the training options. If you want, you can do an effective full body workout and thus replace many other exercises. For this reason, the purchase of the dolls is also worthwhile for boxing clubs and other sports facilities. With just one training device, many areas can be covered. More and more boxing coaches are discovering these advantages for the implementation of their sports programs.

Products with a long service life

A punching bag that is used every day has to withstand a lot. This of course also applies to the dolls. However, these are designed in such a way that they do not mind the high load. These are high-quality and particularly durable products that can be used for many years without replacement or repair. For this reason, the purchase of this special training device is particularly worthwhile.

The high durability is an important argument for all commercial buyers who want to purchase several dolls. The durability contributes to the fact that the sports club or the gym can use the investment for a long time.

When are punching dummies the better choice in comparison to the punching bag?

Many buyers wonder why they should choose a boxing doll. After all, it is always possible to grab a punching bag straight away. In fact, it is conceivable to perform similar exercises with punching bags and punching dolls.

Basically, the dummy is a sensible purchase if the user does not only want to improve his fitness. Thanks to the replica of an upper body, it allows realistic training of even more complicated striking techniques with precisely defined hit areas.

Furthermore, thanks to the filling of the base, the doll is also suitable for particularly hard hits and kicks. With a standing punching bag it is possible that it slips away a little. That shouldn't happen so easily with the dummy. There are various reasons for buying a dummy compared to a classic punching bag.

How long can I train with a punching dummy?

Recommendations for the temporal use do not exist for this training device. In principle, the user can train as long as he wants. The dolls are made of a relatively light latex or a comparable material. This is gentle on your hands and feet and allows you to safely extend your training sessions.

What should be considered when cleaning the training equipment?

The doll is just as easy and uncomplicated to clean as any other punching bag. The devices are not made of leather, but of a softer and more flexible material such as latex. Nevertheless, rubbing with a damp cloth is usually sufficient here as well. So it is not necessary to purchase special care products.

If you want, you can use latex cleaners and treat the doll with a disinfectant from time to time. This is useful when used by large user groups.

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